Are Gamestop Employees Pushing Xbox 360 Consoles Over The Playstation 3?

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "We've heard claims that Gamestop employees are pushing the Xbox 360 over the Playstation 3. If this is true, it's not only unfair to Sony, but also consumers who are looking for an open minded opinion on what game system to buy their teenagers this holiday. We called 5 Gamestop stores all over the country, including one in New Zealand, to find out if the claims were true."

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Internet Trolling Ex4433d ago

Xbox 360 is still a commercial failure

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4433d ago

Most of the internet wanting the PS3 to Fail

Shops saying buy a xBox 360 over the PS3

+Micro$ofts Dirty tricks and Buying everything they can

People with their own BRAINS will buy a PS3!!!;)

JasonPC360PS3Wii4433d ago

PS3 = 3rd place
360 = 2nd place but it's a failure?

What do you call the PS3? Hell the 360 is kicking the PS3's ass all over now. So if the 360 is a failure, and since the PS3 is behind the 360... then what do you call the PS3 (((Dead)))???

You droids been snorting to much pixie dust, you're starting to see make believe sh!t all over the place. I bet to you igets, water is dry and dust is wet, fire is cold and ice is hot... can we say bizarro world?

na2ru14433d ago

that has CHEAP price tag
that has "lotzza greatzz gamezzz"
that is pushed by salesman

and is at 2nd place?
PS3 has NONE OF the above perks. I think PS3 is FAR FROM DEAD. Still sells at same level. LOL

I think 360 needs ALL the help it can get. Im sure that price reduction should kick the engine running for a month or 2

NickIni4432d ago

Sales mean nothing. And the PS3 is far from dead. It's list of up and coming exclusives is thrashing the Xbox's current and future exclusive list.

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Nelson M4433d ago

No education
Thick as Sh!t
Perfect Credentials for a gamestop Employee and a 360 owner

TheTimeDoctor4433d ago

exactly, its not like the passed up an opportunity to work as a molecular biologist to work at gamestop. most of the got fired from burger kind because the could use the cooker.

4433d ago
TheMART4433d ago

Nelson M

That's with all personal in these kind of shops, not specific shop related.

Obviously someone selling consoles, hardware, TV's etc. didn't study rocket science... Mostly uneducated no idea what they're selling, the well informed customers know more then the salespersons...

GameDev4432d ago

"That's with all personal in these kind of shops, not specific shop related."

it's personnel you DUMBFVCK bot. Apparently you didn't study english in grammar much less rocket science.

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Internet Trolling Ex4433d ago

I told them to reserve 5 xbox 360s for me and my buddies,the employee sounded really happy.

I cant wait for him to call back to find out I'll never buy a xbox 360

Bon Scott4433d ago (Edited 4433d ago )

Proud to do my part for the BEST gaming console this gen.
My apologies to the Blu Ray boys out there,but fair is fair,and screw
Sony with their forced movie format systems.
I tell my costumers,if they want high def dvd,go get a stand alone Blu Ray system from Best Buy.
If they want a pure games console with the best software this gen has to offer..........ding ding ding,360 wins hands down.
Heh heh,through my influence I sell 5 360s to one Ps3.
Since the price drop, it's been more like 8 to 1.

Well I gotta go,I'm off to work right now to sell more 360s,

dukadork4433d ago

i don't even know a single idiot who still buys games @ gamestop.
download demos and buy on who needs those suckas who sell you used games as new and sh!tty consoles?

[email protected] gamestop: look what kinda baboons work for them, lol!

BLuKhaos4432d ago

A job is a job no matter how [email protected] it is.A college student has to find someway to earn cash.

NickIni4432d ago

So you tell your customers to go somewhere else to buy another product instead of buying one package from the shop you work at? And make them spend more money on a Xbox and a Blu Ray player instead of just a single PS3?

Your great at your job.

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sonarus4433d ago

It depends on which store you go to. But its certainly not as bad as it was before. Most employees are pretty neutral now

jwatt4433d ago

Yea it depends on where your at, the gamestop I got my ps3 from they seemd cool about me getting a ps3. Then there was another gamestop where one guy was pro Sony.

egm_hiphopgamer4433d ago

I feel you sonarus but truth be told there's a ton of fanboys working at these stores and even though that's not fair at the end of the day consumers are always gonna eventually get what they really want and looking at the sales lately it seems 360 and that affordable price is doing the trick

MazzingerZ4433d ago (Edited 4433d ago )

Here in Sweden it's like that. at my local EB they have all this cases to pre-order Gears 2, Fable 2, etc on shelves that cover a whole wall while there's not a single one for Resistance 2, SOCOM, LittleBigPlanet, etc...the PS3 section is actually behind a big shelf holding used games for the Xbox and PS2, so when you pass by the only you see it's X360.

BUT I don't see any similar stuff for the Wii either...the thing is what many people don't realize is that Gamestop runs a businesss and like any other business, the product that is not selling as well as expected needs a little push.

PS3 is on the top 5 in the videogames sections at most of the largest retailers (check the links below), so the console doesn't need any help to sell, it sells itself thanks to the value you get for your buck, no HW reliabilty problems and great games coming this fall, both LBP and MSG4 will be Game of the year winners at different gaming sites.

macalatus4433d ago

I agree Sonarus. I myself have never personally met a pro-360 Gamestop employee even though I always see them everywhere, like school and at my work place. As a matter of fact, I have the hunch feeling that half of the Gamestop employees at my area seem to be pro-PS3 or even "closet" PS3 fanboys!

uxo224433d ago

One of the things that was missing from their unscientific Gamestop survey was they never asked for these folks professional opinions. I only listened to the first 3 interviews but when they were asking the clerks, it appeared that they were asking their personal opinions and not their professional opinions.

I have dealt with a lot of sales people over the years and once a person feel comfortable with you they tend to give you their Personal opinions and personal preferences not their professional opinions. Not saying they the opinion that they are giving you are correct or not. If the person is a fanboy for either system, their "personal opinion" will be slanted to the system that they support.

I also don't thinks it's fair to Gamestop to ask their employees for a personal opinion and then report your findings as the ideology of the corporation.

Either way, if was interesting but I don't think the investigators truly found what they were looking for. Additionally at times I felt that to get the answers that they wanted, they sometime appeared to be leading the GS employee towards the answer.

PimpHandStrong4433d ago

i went to a gamespot b4 the launch of GTA and they had a group of ppl selling 360's!

I was sitting right next to a lady that had no clue and she was sold everything! Every extra that comes on the 360 was sold to this lady! I didnt say anything because i could care less. If the consumer has no clue then that consumer will be taken advantage of! Not just in buying a game system!

but its true for sure

i had a sales pitch put my way b4 i told the dude i have my own brain and i know what i want! That dude still works there and gives me a snear when i come in

Bubble Buddy4433d ago

From the way I see it, the employees are pushing, sometimes even lying, to whichever console people want to buy.

Megatron084433d ago

simple fact is most people at gamestop either like a 360 better or they like the ps3 better. It all depends on the sales person you can go to the same gamestop at different times and they might try and sell you a 360 one time and a ps3 the next time. It all depends on who you talk to.

pumpkinpunker4433d ago

whatever. i was at a gamestop a couple months ago and an employee was talking trash about the X360 to another employee. it's pretty obvious that from most of their articles and previews that bitbag is a sony fanboy site just coming up with more excuses for why more people want to buy an X360.

solidt124433d ago

remember when I first got my PS3 and would go into Gamestop to reserve a game and got funny looks when I reserved a game on PS3, they reserved me the 360 game at least three times and I had to correct them. Thing are better know though. PS3 360 Wii owner.

mikeslemonade4433d ago

360 is a more realistic purchase at it's price point and most employees can't even afford the PS3. The PS3 has more potential and by next year the 360 owners will be waiting for games and the PS3 owners will be playing many top anticipated exclusive games.

shovelbum4433d ago

I have noticed that if I buy a used PS3 game then they will ask if I already have it on the 360. I also hear them commenting on the xbox live services more often than the PSN. If a game is big on multiplayer such as COD4, they tend to push the 360. I only shop there when they do the 3 for 2 deals so I could be a little off base.

mikeslemonade4433d ago

Alright im done listening to this podcast episode. The questions you ask are geared towards the 360's strengths and the average person would know something more about there "son" who wants the system. And the proof is in the pudding when before the price drop the PS3 was outselling the 360 in America. So when people call in they are going to say "well i'm familiar with the PS2" and such. Everyone has a PS2 it has the largest install base everywhere. So when an average customer calls in they usually are familiar with games. The ones who don't know anything will buy the Wii because they seen it in the news and the games aren't mature rated.

Spydiggity4432d ago

the economy in the US is doing horribly. so these big companies need to make maximum dollars. they aren't going to push an agenda at the risk of alienating their clientele. they are just catering to the biggest dollar. there is nothing more to it than this. they want money!!! if 360 is pushing more weight right now, they are going to focus on that. it's the same anywhere in retail. clothes, electronics, games, anything. it's not a matter of what the employees prefer, it's a matter of what sells.

CrazyMystical4432d ago

everywhere i go i see these G SackS employees keep pushing the the 360 by degrading the PS3, im not much of a talker but i have to say something & the thing is ur going to be out #ed most the time, when they talk BS they always say the the 360 graphics are better, the games play better, the online is way better, & they have better games than the PlayStation. but the two worst ones i ever herd has to be when people start to show interest in the PS3 the dude said "for what? all the games only on the PS3 will come to the 360 & blu-ray will come xbox 360 in time for X-mas 08"

F.Y.E, BEST BUY, CC, K-Mart, ToysR'US, & other game retailers "FOR THE WIN" excluding EB

godofthunder104432d ago

I disagree.I have 2 gamestop that i buy from and they are both nutruel.The majority of employees from both stores said that they have the ps3 and they perfer it over the 360 but they told me that it depends on what games i like.

I say that gamestop have about 4 to 5 employees per store and like i said above the majority of employees are nutruel and told me it depends on what games i like.Don't get me wrong they might have about 1 employee per store that not only recomend the 360 but some recomend the ps3.

You could go to different circuit city or best buys and it's a different story.I go to both of them all the time.Every time that i talk to an employee at these stores everyone recomends me to buy a ps3.They claim it's the best system because it has a br player in it.The fact is that the ps3 is more expensive,so they are told to push the ps3.I have a cousin in tennesee,he said that best buy and circuit city is pushing the ps3 where he lives at to.

When i go to walmart it's a different story there to.They have about 6 walmart that i go to that's close to me.When i talk to someone in the electronic department that likes games they are nutruel.The majority of them said that they perfer the 360 or the ps3 but said the same thing that gamestop says.They said it depends on what games i like.The ones that are not nutruel are mostly ps3 fans.They had one of them that told me that you couldn't give him a 360.He even lied and told me that within a month the 360 will go out and i will have to buy another one.He even told me that the 360 will fail and it will be discontinued and i will wast my money buying it.

This is the first time that anyone from any side is blameing the stores for the slow sales of a system and it's pathetic.I admit that some employees not the store is pushing not only the 360 but some are pushing the ps3 to.The fact is that the majority of workers from all the stores are pushing the ps3 more then the 360.To say that gamestop is pushing the 360 is not only pathetic it's not true.

To the people that belives this nonsence need to stop and think.Lets just say that this is a true story even if it's not.Ps3 fans are claiming that game stop is pushing the 360 and it's hurting the ps3 sales.The fact is that they would make up a story like this.They want talk about how best buy and circuit city is not only pushing the ps3 hard but they are pushing anything that's sony.

All these people that's posting stupid articles like this need to grow up and stop acting like kids.The fact is that all this childish fighting over game systems is dieing down.People like this is what gives gamers a bad name.He is still trying to start an argument again between game fans by posting something that's not true.The fact is that this system war is just about over.They only have about 3 years before all 3 companies release their new systems.

The fact is that sony lost this war profit wise and sony knows that they lost.Sony is the only one out of the 3 that is still not makeing money.Sony is also in last place in game sales.If it wasn't for the ps2 sony would have discotinued the ps3 already because of the money the ps3 is loseing.Ps3 fans could say this and that but facts is facts.The ps3 put sony in a bind.Sony had to borrow money to finsh makeing the ps3.Sony also had to borrow money to keep it going.Sony also had to sell the factory that makes the chip for the ps3 then turn around and buy the chips from thim because of the money the ps3 is loseing.

i'm not saying that the ps3 isn't a great system because it is but it is loseing money like crazy for sony.Ps3 fans might as well face it.The wii won this war,the 360 is second and the ps3 will ene up last.They only have about 3 years left before the new systems come out.Sony doesn't have enough time to to catch up to the other 2 and start makeing a profit.

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KobeT244433d ago

Well of course. As of right now the Xbox 360 is the best console. Better online and more library of games, cheaper, more users, you name it.

PS3 will become the king of gaming but not until 09, when god of war 3, killzone 2, infamous, and other games are released. So of course gamestop employees will push the 360, because right now its the hottest console. call back in 09 when the ps3's big guns are released and the online is at par with xbox live.

pumpkinpunker4433d ago

don't hold your breathe. the 360 has a bunch of potential AAA titles coming out in 2009 also (Huxley, Mass Effect 2, Halo Wars, Bungie's Halo project, Alan Wake, etc)

Both of the companies have "big guns" coming out next year. we'll just have to wait and see which guns are bigger.

poet2154433d ago

I've owned a 60 gig PS3 since launch day. I had an 360 Core on it's launch day, I sold the core later that same day. I still enjoy Xbox 1 & PS2, but I'm willing to say that I'm definitely pro playstation. But, recently after walking into a gamestop.....I realized that 360 got this round. There are just so many more games available for the 360. I mean, PS3 has games, but no where near the amount of 360. For 360 only to have a 1 year head start, the disparity is just way too big. That's what makes me wonder, is there some sort of conspiracy or something? Why would developers [who've made millions off of playstation's brand over the last 13 years] just scale back their support & make microsoft priority #1? Why does it seem that the powers that be are forcing 360 into that #1 slot? I'm not mad at microsoft for striving to be the leader, but I am upset at Sony for [in my opinion] being too arrogant over their position as industry leader. Hardware issues and all, Sony must not let another new microsoft machine hit store shelves a year ahead of their own.

BiggDaddy3114432d ago

As a PS3 owner I have to admit that when I go into a Gamestop, The 360 section of games is twice as big currently. But looking at the release dates PS3 is getting 60+ games by Christmas so something tells me that wall will be gettin much bigger after the holiday.

But developers are now pretty even on lead development platforms, I mean you have PoP, Ghostbusters, Mirror's Edge, and earlier we saw Burnout paradise. So we are seeing a shift there exept where they are using the Unreal engine or classic PC developers like Valve and the Far Cry 2 team.