New God Eater Console Game Will Get a Reveal on October 7th

Bandai Namco teases a God Eater reveal to happen at a concert in Japan at the beginning of October.

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TheGamez100411d ago

A month away...but very excited!

Fist4achin411d ago

Do you prefer god eater or monster Hunter?! Just wondering.

Rangerman1208411d ago

I kind of prefer Monster Hunter to be honest but only for its slow but realistic combat that has a lot of weight, the ecosystem, multiplayer, etc. Especially when MH World will go all out with an improved ecosystem, realistic Ai, interactable enviroments, and such.

While I do like God Eater, I can't help but feel that a lot of people aren't pointing out its flaws. Missions that involves around fighting 3-4 aragamis are more tedious than it is fun, some of the animations are pretty janky, blood arts aren't really fleshed out since they add one new attack and you can only bring one with you, enviroments are pretty bland (in my opinion), a lot of the missions feels the same, some of the characters didn't get enough screentime, the character creator is not on par with the likes of Freedom Wars' and Toukiden 2's, and the online is somewhat unactive most of the time. Not saying that I hate the God Eater games but I wouldn't call them "flawless". I do hope that next God Eater will step it up notch.

Ultr411d ago

I put about 20h into god eater.. Wasnt for me, dunno maybe the new one is better.

in MHFU I put in over 200h so yeah loved that one.
Also Freedom Wars was great more than 100h. But it does lack the endgame.

Anyway, Im curious about a new God Eater

Jarrodlamp1980411d ago

I love God eater give my more more more yesssss!