Introducing the Crystal Dualshock 4 wireless controller range

Crystal, Blue Crystal and Red Crystal Dualshock 4 controllers all launch October 2017.

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AnubisG410d ago

Never liked these see through controllers.

link2Dpast410d ago

You my friend were born 2001 or up, am I correct?

PurpHerbison409d ago

We even had the see through corded telephone when I was a kid.

AnubisG409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

Guys, seriously. Who cares? Is it a requirement that you MUST like see through things in order to be born before 2001? I'm 32 by the way and never liked that crap. My sister had a see through cord phone that had LED lights red/blue and every time someone called it lit up like a christmas tree. I even got a clear see through dual shock for my PS1. Only got that one for the rumble. Only DS they had left and I wanted rumble. But always hated that I can see the insides.

I respect your opinion if you liked this stuff. In return I expect that you guys do the same......but aparently that's too much to ask on N4G.

BrianOBlivion409d ago

I don't follow the logic. Why would that be?

PurpHerbison409d ago

A 32 year old man wouldn't feel the need to defend himself on N4G.

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AmUnRa410d ago

Blue Crystal will be mine, i love it.

link2Dpast410d ago

Ahh I loved these aesthetics back then. I remember getting my "jungle green" N64 in the year 2000😱 Oh how the hands of time flies😭

WeAreLegion410d ago

I love that one. Hope we get a green crystal DS4 at some point.

link2Dpast410d ago

Systems nowadays a so boring. Big reason I loved the GameCube was because of the release color being Indigo. As for handheld I remember seeing the original gameboy crystal variant, was pretty mind blowing for the times

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