Samsung and Xbox Partner to Provide a Better 4K Gaming Experience

Xbox and Samsung are teaming up to utilize Samsung’s flagship premium lineup of QLED TVs as the official 4K TV partner for the highly-anticipated Xbox One X. Kicking off at E3 2017 in June, attendees experienced, for the first time ever, breathtaking true 4K HDR gaming on the Xbox One X and Samsung QLED TVs. Now gamers in the United States can experience the power of the Xbox One X on QLED 4K TVs at various Xbox and Samsung marketing and retail locations through the rest of the year.

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KingKionic 2280d ago

". Now gamers in the United States can experience the power of the Xbox One X on QLED 4K TVs at various Xbox and Samsung marketing and retail locations through the rest of the year."

Excellent. Thats what im talking bout.

Forza 7 on the store floor in 4k 60 fps possibly? O___O Mercy

Bring in da X!

nX2279d ago

I have a QLED (it's awesome) but the advantages they mention in the article must be a joke. I expected something interesting but this wasn't even worth mentioning.

xHeavYx2279d ago

But dude, are you even buying the new Xbox? Thought your PC was more powerful.

KingKionic 2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Lol well looky here. You finally crawled up from under that cardboard box you was hiding in.

Still a bit bitter after that Xbox One vs Xbox One x comparison?

Its ok brah lot of 4K content comparisons coming.

xHeavYx2279d ago

Lol, 1st, you didn't answer my question. 2nd, I always said that the more expensive, newer XOneX is more powerful.

2pacalypsenow2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Should have gone with OLED instead of an LCD TV

Bigpappy2279d ago

I disagree. OLED is brighter and colors pop. But people are already complaining about price. When they see the more affordable Samsung with HDR, they will be mightily impressed and more likely to be able to afford the package.

Edvin19842279d ago

You do know the QLED sets are priced equally to LG's OLED TV's, and also the QLED is brighter set to boot. Just making sure your aware your statement is incorrect.


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soulrebel2279d ago

OLED is less bright but has true black, so the picture has amazing contrast. QLED is much brighter though, and better in bright rooms. On the shop floor, QLED will look most impressive. At home with cinema setup, OLED will look amazing.

Ashunderfire862279d ago

2016's KS8000 is still better than QLED, yet they are both the same thing.

MegaMohsi2279d ago

As usual bigpappy talking nonsense, the led/lcd sets are almost always brighter then OLED. OLED have better blacks and contrast.

Bigpappy2279d ago

Okay.. I will admit to not shopping TV's in over 2 years and only seeing a few OLED TV's but they left a good impression. Cant recall QLED. I was actually responding to 2pacalypsenow and prefer they choose the more affordable option. Was NOT talking about QLED. Not sure what QLED is.

nX2279d ago

Price is not the issue, the've become similar. LCD still has some valueable advantages to OLED when it comes to gaming though, I wouldn't recommend OLED for it yet. My next TV will probably be an OLED though (in 3-5 years)

frostypants2279d ago

OLEDs have plummeted in price since they debuted a couple of years back. Not sure what you mean.

2pacalypsenow2278d ago


QLED is just an LCD panel using Quantum Dots, Sony has been using them for years.

With OLED getting more popular every company is coming out with their "X"LED names.

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fatbastard112279d ago

Yeah sure cuz it's only like $1500 more

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alb18992279d ago

For gaming OLED isn't a better solution because OLED's TVs has higher inputlag as I'm writing.

2pacalypsenow2279d ago

According to Rtings, the LG C7 is the best 4k HDR gaming tv followed by the Sony X930E.

It sits at 21.1 MS

jmetalhead778122279d ago


The Samsung KS9000 has the same HDR rating as Sony X930E, which is essentially the 2016 model of their Q Series. I went the KS9000 route simply because I wanted a 75" and the other 2, 65" is the largest they have. All look stunning. I think this a good move by MS.

maybelovehate2279d ago

Yep, the LG OLED tv's are the ones people want to get. If they care about picture quality.

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Altovoltage2279d ago

Oled tvs have a darker picture

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WeaseL2279d ago

You could build a better PC and get a verry good quality 4k monotor for less if graphics is all you interested in.

Edvin19842279d ago

That is assuming grapichs is all he/she cares about. Maybe they want the best living room experience with their social circle of friends on a platform that his/her friends play on. I own all major platforms, and play MP games on Xbox just because that's where my friends play on. Also, have a OLED in the living room means you can use it for more than just console gaming.

Not saying this is your stance, but people really put them selfs in a box and has to be so binary one or the other.

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Kiwi662279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

How the heck does building a PC have any relevance to an article about a TV and the Xbox One X

2279d ago
DARK_WOLF2279d ago

Thats like saying my apple beats your orange.

Some people just prefer ORANGES!!!

LexHazard792279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

The only thing I agree with, is the 4K monitor. I will be gaming on one, Im looking at LG and Samsung Qdot. I dont really care for HDR..and most high end monitors are 10bit panels.

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