Guillemot on potential Vivendi takeover: "I know it doesn't work"

GRTV talked to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot and brought up the threat of a potential Vivendi takeover.

"You know, we all know that all the big, major groups failed in understanding the agility that is needed in video games," he explained. "So when I see, again, another major group coming and trying to say 'okay we could manage this industry'. I know, because I've been there for a long time, I know it doesn't work."

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yellowgerbil503d ago

even though he reminds me of the creepy guy from Ghostbusters 2, I still am rooting for him. Keep it a family company, not another soulless conglomerate

2600Thunder503d ago

They are already soulless. They needed Nintendo to inject some life back into their games.

yellowgerbil502d ago

how are they soulless? watch their E3, no company out there has more of a FAMILY feel. By that I mean they are passionate and about the games, not the money. Yeah they over promise, much like peter molenuex did, but like him you also see passion, and passion is what is at stake with this Vivendi takeover. Do you want a boss who loves gaming, or a boss who loves money? I know which I'd want to work at if given the choice.

Erik7357503d ago (Edited 503d ago )

Smart man, good company to invest in. Stop vivendi they will run the company into the ground like how Microsoft runs it's gaming ip's into the ground. Microsoft is a great example of how Ubisoft would be if owned by something like Vivendi which is not only bad for gamers but I personally think bad for shareholders and the future of Ubisoft as a company.You don't want ignorant people running a industry they know nothing about, its bound to fuck up.

Sony has surprisingly been the rare exception to this rule though and they generally speaking do a much better job compared to how tech giant Microsoft attempted gaming. But I still think the best gaming companies to invest in would be companies like Ubisoft or Nintendo, just because they are 100% part of the gaming industry and rely 100% off of it. Much more innovation

Araragifeels 503d ago

Ubisoft is not worth the investment, many of their game lately is just bad or buggy or bad servers and broken characters. Nintendo, PlayStation, RockStar, CD Project Red and Sega are the only worth investing on

Trilithon503d ago

lol fuck ubi hope they tank, wouldn't miss em

2600Thunder503d ago

Gonna take a lot more than a Mario game. They have a long history shitting on gamers.

MunchMiller00503d ago

LOL Because you know better Guillemot, you f**kin parasitic pile of human garbage. Bend over and take it in the a** for a change. Get hit by a train while you're at it.

Trilithon503d ago

so many ubisoft employees disagreeing. lol

2600Thunder503d ago (Edited 503d ago )

Yep he was bashing his customer base (calling them entitled or pirates) while knowingly releasing broken, rehashed, one-trick-pony games with of course dlc and microtransactions for a very long time. These worshiped execs are humbled once their wallets are threatened. Now we see they reached out to Nintendo to help fix their image and Nintendo's Mario creativity shines. Hopefully Ubi took good notes and releases some quality in the future.

Trilithon503d ago

why does this guy keep talking. stay out of the media. leave that for jade raymond and poeple that look like her