MacWorld: iTunes 8 Review

MacWorld Writes:

"It is clear that with iTunes 8 Apple is hoping you'll find even fewer reasons to venture outside of the iTunes/iPod ecosystem for your music and video needs. The only misstep in iTunes 8 is the removal of the preference to disable the iTunes Store arrows in your library. While there is a Terminal command to disable those grey arrows from showing up, Apple should make it easy for a user to turn off this little piece of visual clutter. On last thing: If you're looking for the Browse button it's now available only though the View menu (select Show Browser).

iTunes 8 is worth upgrading to for Genius alone. The refined podcast settings and new visualizers are also welcome additions. Grid view looks pretty, with a properly prepared library, but isn't the most practical way of browsing your library especially in an age when the single is outselling the album."

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