SD Storage Solution Coming To Europe

N-Europe have received word from Nintendo that the SD storage solution for the Wii will be coming to Europe in addition to Japan and America.

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ChickeyCantor3787d ago

Storage solution my ass...
Seriously, this is no solution its the same thing as downloading your deleted games from the internet channel.You still need to transfer your games from one place to another and thats nonsensical.
Its no solution its still the same problem.

Their Wii is already hijacked by modders and homebrewers.
If they are scared access will be a greater risk...there is no turning back its been cracked hacked an modded(without actually mod chips).

This is not a solution >_<...

condorstrike3787d ago

Hey Sidar: "changed your tune from the previous post about storage solution...huh?"

Not just it not beign a true solution as you said, but also they're gonna take at least 6 months to release it....
I guess they can't figure out how the homebrew community did

ChickeyCantor3786d ago

Pathetic, show an actuall quote where i said this was a good solution.

Product3787d ago

if you can play right off the sd card...then its a solution.

condorstrike3787d ago

I guess, but back to my point...why wait so long to release it?

ChickeyCantor3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

but you cant.
If you can play directly from the SD card maybe they are giving developers the chance to make DLC on a larger scale.

But you can't >_>

N4g_null3786d ago

"Starting in Spring 2009, users will be able to download games directly on to an SD card and stream them from the card."

This is a solution to me. I have a few 4 gig cards and I'm glad they figured out away to get past that slow read or write time the SD had before. Streaming would fix that plus I'm sure they had to tweak the driver. I don't think homebrew has streaming in their driver and I've heard it was slow also. Hey but I don't have any home brew stuff.

What is funny is excite truck has been using MP3 directly from the SD card for a while now. Maybe that is using streaming also.

You have to blame the hold up on some R&D guy promising the world and ending up with the most common solution but I'm glad they tried at least.

I'll just have a few SD card ready to go. I'm curious as to how they are doing security though? Man I'm glad this thing will not need a hard drive though. I'm also wondering if they are or even can support the faster SD cards or even make a nintendo brand that is faster. I bet that's what they do.

LOL good drivers and security take a long time to make. When you look at other stuff I'm glad they are taking so long. 2009 is going to be a big year for the Wii and maybe even Wii ware also.

condorstrike3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

New story: Nintendo announces storage solution: SD Cards

I never said you said it was a solution, but you were agreeing with Nintedo.
"your quote"
Maybe they are waiting this long to enable it so that third party developers are aware of it and can use it for downloadable will never know