MacWorld: MercuryMover 2.0 review

MacWorld Writes:

"I'm impressed by how well MercuryMover works with multiple displays, a configuration that trips up many system utilities. But MercuryMover does have a few minor quirks. One is that the "edge of screen" action works oddly with some windows that have slide-out drawers. For example, BBEdit's Documents drawer isn't seen as part of its host window, so using MercuryMover to move a BBEdit window to the edge of the screen results in the Documents drawer being hidden offscreen (or, if you have multiple displays and push the window up against the common border, appearing on the other screen). And I found that if I exited MercuryMover by pressing its keyboard shortcut a second time, rather than by pressing Escape, I lost window focus – the active window was no longer active.

Still, in the couple weeks I've been using MercuryMover, I've found myself using it much more than I expected. I especially like its shortcuts, which I use regularly to position and size my Finder, Web browser, iChat, and document windows."

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