Is Nintendo Profiting Off of a Hybrid Idea Sony Initially Pushed Then Backed Away From?

It's no secret that a huge reason Nintendo's latest home console has seen high sales numbers due to its innovative and simple hybrid design; but did Sony start that hybrid design initially?

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PhoenixUp411d ago

Sega Nomad was the first hybrid system while PSP was the first successful one

Yodagamer410d ago

While the psp was successful as a handheld, I don't think the process of playing on the TV was. The psp go had the controller support it was a pain and playing the earlier models it had no support for a wireless controller. The nomad did it better hook up the cords and the controllers it was easy. I loved the pstv though, when the games were supported, pop the memory card in and play the game on the big screen.

subtenko410d ago

psp was indeed successful but it was when ps3 and especially ps4 came out the majority of playstation fans said "we got this awesome console, dont need the portable thx but no thx" right around the time most people who want mobile games will just download a game on their phone.

Another thing about portable gaming that you forget is those long sessions that tire the back of your neck cause you look down. So you try to play with your arms up but your arms get tired or fall asleep xD

SuperSonic91409d ago

The PSP AV Out Composite Cable was the reason I bought a PSP 3000.
I don't like playing on a small screen.
Still using this today.

Kikutaro410d ago

The super Gameboy was the first one doing the hybrid concept

InKnight7s410d ago

We always see pass for eveything Nintendo do.
1.Weaker consoles pass! But xbox one not a pass.
2. highest price comparing to every other consoles pass but industry not forgiving ps3 price at all.
3. Silly Nintendo internet plan and dependent on phones pass, but free PSN was always an issue gaming society.
4. Switch playing alot of usual(fifa, lego, some other yearly games) and classic games padd. But Vita classics and some cross ps3 games and ps4 remote play not a pass.
5. 3ds of DQXI being totaly different game from ps4 version, with below ps2 performance and worst graphics in this gen a big pass. But Vita being little behind ps3 game journalist heavily criticize it for graphics and performance comparing to blu ray console.

AKR410d ago

1.) Nintendo has gotten a TON of flack since the Wii days for making weaker hardware. That has not stopped, especially on this website.

2.) The Switch launched in 2017 for $300. The PS4/Xbox One launched in 2013 for $400 and $500, respectively. The PS4 Pro just launched last year for $400 yet again and the Xbox One X is about to launch at $500 yet again. "Highest price"? I think not.

3.) People have been bashing Nintendo left and right for the poor online system with the phone app, including fans. Here's hoping it improves.

4.) The Switch was just released. Its library needs time to grow.

5.) I haven't really seen this, and even if there are folks who are saying this, then they're being overzealous fanboys.

GameBoyColor410d ago

your last point makes no sense. like you said it's a completely different game on a handheld thats been out for years with only 240p. Not only that, it's what square did not nintendo, and it's a good old classic dragon quest game so it has appeal, given how it outsold the ps4 version.

Vegamyster410d ago

1.Xbox didn't get a pass on power because when it launched it was $500 and less powerful than the $400 PS4.
2. 3DS didn't get a pass and neither did the Wii-U on price, the Switch is not a standard console and making something small & powerful naturally drives up the cost of a product, hence why things like gaming laptops cost significantly more than a desktop.
3. Nintendo's online has been criticized for years, most people didn't have a problem when PSN was still free, go to any article about the Splatoon 2 phone requirements for online chat and i doubt you'll find too many happy people.
4. What?
5. Since when was the Vita's visuals criticized? As a whole it was heavily praised for it's visual fidelity, especially the OLED screen.

awdevoftw410d ago

Everyone takes ideas from someone and sometimes it's a hit or miss. The initial innovator usually gets cast aside for the more popular one. It's not just gaming, that goes for the majority of products.