Britxbox: Tiger Woods 2009 Review

Britxbox writes: "As Golf season is in full swing, EA Sports are with us once again to bring Tiger Woods 2009 to gamers who just can't take the frustration of actual Golf. Even though there will no doubt be people screaming that EA is giving us "the same old thing", the real fans can look closer and see that Tiger Woods 2009 is actually one of the best Golf games made.

As soon as you boot up Tiger Woods '09, you are greeted by Tiger's coach, Hank Haney. Although he gives one of the most wooden voice performances this generation, he is there to demonstrate and walk you through many of Tiger Woods '09's features and get you accustomed to the game. Although it's a very nice feature and helps out a lot, it would be nice to have the option to skip it if you are a Golfing veteran. Hank will give you a series of tests to determine how your swing is and will recommend what you can do to straighten your shots by bringing you to the "Club Tuner"."

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