CSM: Shaun The Sheep Review

CSM Writes:

"All of this is very cute and intermittently funny. It's a fine concept, except the game's too darn short and repetitive. Plus, you have to retrace your steps so much, that the game becomes boring. The addition of mini games doesn't help much because they aren't very imaginative. With the Whack-A-Mole style game, you must blow into the microphone to get the moles to jump out of their holes before you tap them with the stylus. There's a music game that asks you, with your stylus, to flick away the bad notes on a guitar fret board that are yellow in color. There's a very standard soccer game, too.

Although the graphics are generally above average and the humor is occasionally rich, Shaun doesn't shine brightly enough. The Shaun the Sheep character is well thought out in the TV program. The poor guy deserves much better than this. And so do consumers."

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