Britxbox: Mercenaries 2: World In Flames Review

Britxbox writes: "Mercenaries was a huge surprise when it appeared on the Xbox. Mixing Grand Theft Auto's sand box gameplay and firmly putting the emphasis on blowing stuff up it was truly one of the finer and more satisfying titles to be released on the system. So naturally when Mercenaries 2 was announced we were left foaming at the mouth at what could be one of the real gems of this generation.

Set in a fictional part of Venezuela's recent history, the player takes control of one of three mercenaries. These characters don't really differ a lot but do have different benefits to them such as being able to carry more ammo. After a short while into the story you character is soon double crossed by the soon to become head honcho of Venezuela. This leads to you wanting to take revenge on him and you will do this throughout the rest of the game by working with various factions."

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