Digital Chumps: Buzz! Quiz TV Q & A

writes: "We were privilaged to ask some hard hitting questions in regards to the high-octane trivia game that is Buzz! Quiz TV. Associate Producer Jenny Barbour helps us improve our knowledge.

Q: Where did the idea start for Buzz! Quiz TV? BUZZ! is a very popular franchise that has had great success on PlayStation2.

A: With the advent of PlayStation3, we started looking at ways we could take BUZZ! to the next generation. The whole look and feel of the game, including sets and characters has been updated to work in an HD environment. We have added new character animation and camera moves to give the game a more dynamic feel and to really make the player feel like they are on the set of a game show. We have also added on-line play with "Sofa vs. Sofa" and included user generated content with to give the player the best quiz game experience possible."

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