7 Reasons Sony Should Adopt Cross-play

Sony isn't playing nice with Microsoft and Nintendo. It sucks for people who just want to play with their friends! Here are seven reasons why cross-platform play needs to happen now!

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PhoenixUp414d ago

DQX will already feature cross platform play between Sony and Nintendo

freshslicepizza414d ago

I will believe it when i see it. Why would Sony say that's OK but not Pure Chess with the WiiU? Why not Rocket league with Switch and Xbox One? Why not Ark with the Xbox One? Why not Gwent with the Xbox One?

Araragifeels 414d ago

Maybe PlayStation didn't want to do anything with the WiiU since it was a niche Console and it was a direct competition between them. Also since the Switch is no longer a direct competition against PS4, PlayStation believe that both system doesn't harm each other. Maybe PlayStation doesn't want to anything with Xbox is probably when they refused PlayStation on the offer years ago and now that the table had turn, they believe that they should decline as well. Also think about sales wise because if xbox player can play with PS player then people are going to stay with Xbox and I believe PlayStation is trying to gain more buyer by making them buy PS4 in order to play with friends.

414d ago
Aenea414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

Why would MS not be okay with it a few years ago and now suddenly they are??

freshslicepizza413d ago

"Sony wouldn't allow it for some unknown reason?"

They already gave their reason, to protect its users and stakeholders. So why would they suddenly say it's ok now but tell the makers of Rocket League they can't? And people say Microsoft flip flops...

freshslicepizza412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

"due to security concerns that they can't moderate another network"

How do they moderate the Switch network and the PC network? They can't, that's how. The publisher of the title does that. Any other excuses?

freshslicepizza411d ago

"Why is it you were all on your knees in MS crotch as soon as they said they were open"

"Ever consider that someone is much smarter than you, and understands this stuff much better than you who only shows that you are a narrow minded ignorant fool?"

"I know you haven't, or as always, you just choose to ignore anything that requires you to get off your knees."

I will now ask you kindly to stop stalking my messages, this will be forwarded directly to the moderator since it is quite clear you cannot contain yourself emotionally about plastic toys.

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PhoenixUp414d ago

Dragon Quest X already released on PS4 on August 17...

Silly gameAr414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

They already do cross-play, and have done cross-play since last gen.

RAM0N 414d ago

It already does. I play sfv and play against ps4/pc players everytime.

Rimeskeem414d ago

I always hear how Xbox gamers want to play with PS gamers. But I never really hear PS gamers caring about playing with Xbox. If you are of the latter please do reply. I feel like PC gamers don't care either.

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rainslacker413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

Until MS said something, it was just one of those things that was there on PS/PC. Was never any, "I can play with my friends on PC/PS". None of this deep desire to do so, or really anyone droning on about how great it was.

It was, and always will be just one of those things that is just there. It'll benefit the player base by bolstering potential available players. It won't harm or help any ecosystem to any great degree. PC gamers don't go on about their desire or ire about playing with PS gamers(99% likely don't even realize it's cross platform play when experiencing it), or vice versa, just like they aren't clamoring about how they can do so now with Xbox gamers, nor were they desperate for playing against Xbox gamers before. Before MS said something this gen, Xbox gamers weren't claomoring to play against any other console or PC.

Some people may have wanted to, or would have been indifferent, or what have thought it was cool they could.

But never have I seen it be such a big thing that I've seen since MS suddenly came on board. Now it's like it's been this highly desireable feature since the advent of Arpanet back in the 60's.

TheGamez100414d ago

Doesnt ff14 do crossplay between ps4 and pc, and tons of other games? Even the ps2 did crossplay. Last generation it was playstation that pushed for crossplay between them and mcsft. Playstation is where Ive even first heard of the word "crossplay" and even the most. Tbh getting kinda sick of ppl complaining about this subject.

And me personally it would be nice and great if they do decide to do it but sony really doesnt need to do this since theyre leading the console market.

FarEastOrient414d ago

FFXI was cross play between PC, PS2 and X360. Microsoft said that will be the last time that ever happened. Wow, how the tides have changed and Microsoft is now pretending to be th champion for crossplay.

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