Is It Time for Half-Life Fans to Move On?

It's over for Half-Life. It's time for fans to move on. Take solace in knowing one of the writers has offered a possible summary for Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

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CrimsonWing691186d ago

look on the bright side Half-Life fans, maybe you can get a kickstarter going like us Shenmue fans got.

fluffydelusions1185d ago

Money is a problem Valve doesn't have...

UltraNova1185d ago

Care - for what their fans have been asking..begging for years on end -they dont as well.

thejigisup1186d ago

article about fans moving on...=half life 3 confirmed!

but in all seriousness, half life 3 is my great white buffalo.

UltraNova1185d ago

Is that even more fantastic than a white Bigfoot?

-Foxtrot1186d ago

Why should we? We supported Valve and helped them get where they are today, we kind of deserve an end to the Half Life franchise don't we?

LiamKreptic1185d ago

But do you think valve would be willing to risk all that so we would be pleased? The problem is that gamers today are toxic when it comes to their favorite franchises. Remember mass effect 3? I feel like they won't do it because they don't want backlash and death threats.

It's both the fault of Valve and gamers. I say it this way because for some reason gamers can be very harsh to those who cause a problem with their franchises. It's then the developers fault, in this case valve, for promising, and promising, and promising, to only start refusing to state anything. Gabe won't even tell us if there is never going to be a half life 3.

Instead what we have is a toxic combination of angry and relentless gamers if they don't get what they want and then a lying and deceitful developer who is now greedy to keep its reputation and gain millions in the process.

As soon as Gabe refused to give answers to questions about whether or not half life was even in development was the day they killed it. I can't say why they did, I can't say why he refuses to say anything on it, and I most certainly can't explain what happened internally. I just know that the gaming community (especially the PC community) can cause one hell of a battle where they usually win because they are bigger and stronger for similar causes. For example the gta incident and even now the dota 2 review attacks.

I wish someone could make it. Simply finish it. Give closure and forever be done. This is why modders should make a free version of the game but make it not half life. For example changing names, character genders, and essentially giving closure to the game without actually falling victim to corporate corruption. Maybe one day we will get the closure, but till that day we must fight. Fight for the proper ending to such a beloved and beautiful series. We can only hope.

Princess_Pilfer1184d ago

Mass Effect 3 took all of the players choices that Bioware insisted would matter, the culmination of like 80 hours of gameplay across 10 years, and boiled it all down to a multiple choice question that provided no closure. Nothing you did mattered. People being upset by that isn't being toxic, it's people being justifiably upset by being promised something they didn't get because EAware was too busy making gears of war to remember what they promised, and why the fans got into the series in the first place.

You cannot then extrapolate that to "this his how gamers are." Remeber all the toxicity around Pillars of Eternity, a long awated return to the BG style of RPG? How about Persona 5, another game a decade in the making? No? That's because it didn't really happen. Because the creators were clear about what they were going to do, and they did it.

Sciurus_vulgaris1186d ago

It was fans that helped make Valve what it is today. We bought their games and used Steam. The company's lack of dedication, or confidence, to produce a Half-Life 3, is insulting to the fans. The funds are there to make the game,as are the staff. Furthermore, there is a demand for the game. Thus, from a business standpoint their is no reason for Half-Life 3, not to be made.

Antifan1185d ago

Most gamers on this planet don't even care whether Half Life 2: ep 3 is even a thing or not. This vocal minority on the Internet is just that. The few 30 ish year old gamers upset about a game that doesn't exist, but trust me 90% of gamers have moved on. Valve doesn't owe anyone anything.

LiamKreptic1185d ago

They owe an answer. An explanation. We have them the money to be where they are. Why do we get nothing in return for supporting their platform? That's like saying we support a nation with loyalty, money, and respect only for that said nation to never support us. We have fallen victim to corporate corruption and it's time to fight back with torches and pitchforks. We cannot and willnot let this go unsettled. If they don't want to make a game then tell us. No more "when I have something to say about Half-life I'll say it" BS.

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