PlayStation 3 sales fall again in Japan; PS2 marches on

Sales of the PlayStation 3 in Japan dropped further in the week to January 21 as the games market there suffered from lackluster demand compared to recent weeks, according to data published Friday. The PlayStation 3 suffered its worst week of sales since launch for the second week in a row.

A total of 21,105 of the consoles were sold during the week, said Media Create. The research company receives data from around 3,000 stores across Japan and uses that to estimate nationwide sales.

Sales of the PlayStation 3 were highest during the launch weekend, when 81,639 were sold over two days, the company estimates. The sales dropped and then peaked again at 76,992 units in the last week of 2006. But sales have dropped each week since the new year, according to Media Create.

Sony said last week that shipments of the PlayStation 3 in Japan reached 1 million on January 16. The figure includes products in transit to retailers, in shop store rooms and on shelves waiting to be sold, in addition to units actually sold. SCEI's original target was to ship 1 million units in Japan by the end of 2006.

The sales figures appear especially poor when compared to the company's aging but lower-cost PlayStation 2. Media Create estimates that 20,169 of those consoles were sold during the same week, only slightly less than the PS3 sales.

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Marty83705220d ago

PS3's are still sell x3 the amount of X360's in Japan.

TheMART5220d ago

That doesn't really matter. Those numbers mean nothing by world wide sales.

World wide PS3 is doing just as bad. While the Wii takes Japan, the 360 is taking the rest of the world, followed by the Wii. Probably the Wii60 combination is a damn fine one.

Consumers don't want the PS3. It's clear. The PS2 sells though. Sony should cancel the PS3 completely, concentrate on the PS2 and bring the PS4 when the time is there. Or just cut the BR player, price it @ 400 dollars and compete with the 360

gnothe15220d ago

well I guess you do!!japan has nothing to do with the U.S or still sells 3x more the amount of Ps3's in the U.S!! see I can do that to!

DR GRIM5219d ago

thats because xbox360 was out ayear before ps3 and wii

specialguest5219d ago

has nothing to do with this article. this article is about Japan. that's why it matters!

Raist5220d ago

Another week of drought in japan.
Wii sold 80k
360 sold 7k (oh wait, i thought gears would be a system seller)

The DS in the only one to have rosen sales since last week. Guess it won't go really up before february

darx5220d ago

just not in Japan. It's the same as Katamari Dmarci...That crappy game did not sell like hot cakes over here.

Ggame5220d ago

Before you'll comment in this topic.
You should to know about the sell of xbox360.

- On week 8-14 Jan 07 -
Xbox360 sold about 9,000 units
- Om last week -
Xbox360 sold about 7,000 units

It doesn't mean only falling of PS3s but also Xbox360 that more over.

TheMART5220d ago


The XBOX will never be main seller in Japan because that's just... STrange Japanese and other type of gamers.

The Wii outsells the PS3 by a factor 4 in Japan. That's alarming.

Elsewhere in the world the 360 outsells both monthly. It's not all about Japan. The 360 is doing ok seen the history. Playstation is doing horrible seen history

Period. And they ain't selling games either! Top 20 of games sold in Japan is all Nintendo, Gears is in there with 33000 sales, no Resistance or other game has been seen...

So guess attach rate of 1.5 for the PS3 is still right!

calderra5219d ago

And nevermind that, as stated above, 360 outsells PS3 worldwide. It's only Japan that matters. Heh.

Well for 360 it might not, but for two Japanese companies it does. And PS3 is being humiliated in its homeland.

And yes, PS2 and Wii are the only consoles really fully on target- showing everyone that what consumers really wanted this generation was ease of use and affordability.

A la Nintendo DS- the true king of home entertainment worldwide.

DR GRIM5219d ago

360 out selling ps3 because it was out for a year. and if 360 lose this gen that means they s u c k

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