Oblivion content; Red vs Blue on Marketplace

Some more downloadable content has been released for Oblivion on the Xbox 360 plus there is a new Red Vs. Blue episode.

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crazyman6190d ago

I got so excited by this news i hurt myself diving across the room.

oblivion is my all time favourate game and RvB is pure comical gold

Schmitty076190d ago

Looks like it will be the first of many episodes. I did not see the Oblivion stuff, I will go check it out.

PS360PCROCKS6190d ago

Seriously? your favorite game of all time...huh I liked it but wasn't amazed

speed6190d ago (Edited 6190d ago )

Have you boys started this yet? Note this isn't like the other three downloads, its a large mission and not a quick one like the first three. Pretty sweet quest so far, the ruins are huge and its fairly easy to get lost down there. The dark elves are relatively tough. I made the mistake of building my assassin up too much though, at this point he doesn't take much damage and can kill with one or two shots from his bow. He's also got about 110% camo now, its pretty funny, he can be standing right in the face of an enemy and they have no idea he's there. I will be maxing out the difficulty bar tonight. Game on.

Big Moe6187d ago

How is it a mistake if your guy is nearly untouchable, can kill in only 2 shots, and can't be seen? Either your an idiot or just showing off... I'm going with both.