Sea of Thieves will launch with an optional 540p mode and 15fps lock

During the Microsoft presentation at last week's Gamescom, Rare announced that "no asterisk" crossplay is coming to Sea of Thieves at launch—an all-encompassing feature that'll let PC players face off against their Xbox counterparts.

Genuine-User2215d ago

Why the fudge would anyone want to play this game at 15fps? What a weird thing request.

freshslicepizza2215d ago

Some people don't upgrade their hardware. I wouldn't want to play at those settings but at least there is an option.

HaveSumNuts2214d ago

Its like using 1 ply toilet paper and convincing yourself that your ass is clean.

ProjectVulcan2214d ago

Potato mode. 540p and 15FPS should run on like a 10 year old PC lol

rainslacker2214d ago

I'm curious how old someone's hardware would have to be to run this resolution. 540 hasn't been a PC resolution in forever...or was it ever a common resolution? 1024x768 has been the lowest I've seen in the past 15 years at least. Before then it was 640x480. 540p makes no sense for TV's because it'd have to be 480p to be for those who haven't upgraded that, although most CRT or early panel TV's can support 520 with overscanning, and then it'd jump to at least 720p. 15fps makes absolutely no sense, as it'd just be prone to all sorts of animation glitches.

PurpHerbison2214d ago

If you ain't using a bidet then your ass ain't clean anyway.

dcbronco2214d ago

If that's where you are technologically get a console.

4Sh0w2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

"We've also added a 15 fps framerate lock because when we were talking to the community some people were like: I'm actually happy playing 15 frames per second." - Sea of Thieves PC design lead Ted Timmins

-This is silly, this game is gonna support from 4K 60fps all the way down to 540p 15fps, lol WHY?

I mean are they gonna put color prompts in it too so my Grandma can play it on her old black & white in the basement....oh and don't forget a Z chip, hangar and electrical tape so we can jerry rig a connection for a hdmi cable. pffft, sometimes you just got to say NO.

Kornholic2214d ago

You have to be delusional to think your ass is clean after wiping it with a piece of paper. It's fucking disgusting. If your hands are dirty, do you wipe them with paper or do you wash them? Wash your asses, people.

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Sonic_Vs_Mario2214d ago

Doesn't drain your Surface or Laptop battery?

2214d ago

For those with tube tvs i guess...

SierraGuy2214d ago

Some people like slideshows.

Sam Fisher2214d ago

They might as well announce this for mobile and ios lmao, woult be awesome to play it on a phone

modelgod2214d ago

Yeah I dont get it AT ALL!!

LastCenturyRob2214d ago

I agree, but silly extras such as this just add to the overall package.

RosweeSon2214d ago

Because they've just bought the all powerful X... 15FPS Haha.

Gh05t2214d ago

If the option is cant play this at all, or can play this... most gamers would opt for the ability to play it.

Bronxs152213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

You're not a pirate so you don't get it. Only pirates understand this.

Pirates take a stance against the social norms. Society is moving toward more pixels and fps. Pirates maintain the old ways of life.

Chocoburger2213d ago

Final Fantasy 14 also has a 15 FPS lock, its there for weaker notebook/tablet PCs, or if you want to conserve battery power while roaming the area (not dungeon raiding of course!). Having a 15 FPS lock as an option is not a negative feature.

subtenko2213d ago

Because there may be more to this....the game fps might be unstable and this is there way to get some sneaky pr wording in maybe? Idk, we'll have to see why

3-4-52213d ago

This is requested by fans for some reason so I guess there really are that many people who can't or don't want to upgrade their PC.

I mean for $500-600 you could build a PC more than capable of playing the game.

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saiyajin992215d ago

Huh? Who wants to play a game on 540p mode and 15fps ?, what does this even mean!

Genuine-User2215d ago

So that people with low end hardware can play the game at 540p. But adding a 15fps option is kind of ridiculous.

GTgamer2214d ago

If your hardware that bad you shouldn't be trying to play games on it.

rainslacker2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

I think if someone's hardware isn't capable of running this at at least 1024x768, then the overall game design is going to struggle on the rest of their hardware. Any PC with the horsepower to run the actual game code should have at a bare minimum a GPU which can support those resolutions at more than 15fps. We're talking hardware that's at least 15 years old, and computers that old have trouble running simple flash games most of the time, much less a online game with a lot of stuff going on in the game code.

This resolution is completely irrelevant to consoles and TV's, even if they're for some reason still on an old CRT TV, and they'd have converters to handle HDMI output anyhow.

Might make sense for some mobile devices, as 540 isn't uncommon for some of those that released in the past 7 years or so.

The 10th Rider2213d ago


Maybe they're thinking of some older laptops that have integrated graphics? It's not unusual for someone to have a laptop with a 4 gen or newer I5, but a GPU is pretty atypical.

bouzebbal2214d ago

fanboys will make comparison videos 4K vs 540p.
remember this post..

BlackTar1872213d ago

Who would that even target? I don't see the fanboy value in that.