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Multiple titles could possibly receive a graphics option in settings where us the player can choose between high fidelity or higher frame rate modes. This would be very convenient especially for the players who aren’t interested in 4K and just want smoother gameplay experiences.

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Aenea466d ago

Yes, multiple titles could also have an option for 8k output!

Could luck in fantasyland!

freshslicepizza466d ago

"Could luck in fantasyland!"

You wanted to be first to post that? Some titles will allow higher frame rates over 4K.

Aenea465d ago

Good luck, stupid autocorrect!

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rainslacker465d ago

Is it really inconceivable that the framerate or resolution option would be an option? Quite a few PS4P games get this already. I'd be more surprised if this wasn't a common option.

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maybelovehate465d ago

I would definitely choose FPS over Pixels. But then again I will just play on PC where I can have both.

Unspoken465d ago

Not even the 1080 Ti can do 4K 60 I'm all games, so yeah

ttbob465d ago

Dual 1080ti running on new 8th gen processor will do no problems, but reckon even one 1080ti running on the new processor will have no problems

maybelovehate465d ago

Oh it can definitely do 4k at 60 in almost every game, but you might have to lower some settings to achieve it.

Unspoken465d ago

My phone can too! You may not be able to recognize the game anymore though.

Jakens465d ago

Good news when this goes live.

cellypower465d ago (Edited 465d ago )

Xbox X still has a Jaguar CPU, 60fps will be a hard feat.

trainsgofast465d ago

What someone said to me, "hardly a demanding game hence 60 fps "
Why is Forza 60fps?
Why is Gears 60fps ?
Why is Survival Evolved Run 60fps ?
Why is Path of Exile 60fps?
Why is Halo 5 60fps?
Why is F1 2017 ?
Why is Madden NFL 18 ?
World of Tanks ?
WW2 ?
So i ask you why is it that all of there games are and that one is not?

I know why so why don't you?
and more to come as hardware gets faster over time !

MegamanXXX465d ago

What about exclusives? What's Xbox identity? Not worth $500 without exclusives.

trainsgofast465d ago


"What about exclusives? What's Xbox identity? Not worth $500 without exclusives. "

This year exclusive for me is a game that got me away from GT and is still the king of racing and that's Forza and after that Gears and then it's Halo , last is FH3.

So if you ask me what XB's identity then i would say it's the Best place to play Racing games, 1st person shooters, and 3rd person games. Now with X1X it will be the best place to play multiplats and to be far i have more of these than any exclusives so far on PS4 and XB.

MegamanXXX465d ago (Edited 465d ago )

Gears and Halo is stale now. Forza is the only good game Microsoft has tbh. Wouldn't spend $500 dollars for just multiplaform games that just look a little better. If Xbox gets steam now it would be worth the $500 dollars

j15reed465d ago

@MegamanXXX so the games that you have the most of which are multiplats you don't care how they run since there not exclusive? hmmm

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affrogamer465d ago

that's what these ppl are overlooking lol. Until there's a major upgrade on the CPU side, we can't get our hopes too high on FPS in upcoming games

MegamanXXX465d ago

Agreed that's the reason I build a high end PC.

ttbob465d ago

And there it is yet another console that's compromised do you choose quality or smooth frame rates, I will just stick to PC where I can have quality and smooth frame rates thank you very much