Techtree: ATI Radeon HD 4550 Review

Techtree writes: "ATI seem to be on a roll here, after witnessing the brutal match between the HD4670 and the 9500GT, the entry level segment was still untouched.

Till now we had the GeForce 9400GT, which was the only option for HTPC junkies and casual gamers, and naturally ATI could not resist but to cause some chaos. ATI then introduced the Radeon HD4550, its answer to the GeForce 9400GT.

This is a super low-budget card that will solely appeal to those looking to build a cheap but powerful HTPC or want a cheap fan-less solution below 5K."

+Low power (20W)
+Slim profile
+Good HD peformance
+Value for money
+Future proof connections(HDMI + DisplayPort)

-Does not support Hybrid CrossFire

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