Xbox One Has the Edge Over PS4 in All But One Area: Exclusive Games

PS4 might have the lead in sales and exclusives, but Xbox One has all this to offer.

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Zero_Suit_Samus442d ago (Edited 442d ago )

“Xbox One Has the Edge Over PS4 in All But One Area: Exclusive Games”

And it’s the most important factor at that. Exclusives define a console and give reason to purchase one over the competition.

naruga442d ago (Edited 442d ago )

i dont see to have an edge anywhere
...PsN demolishes Xlive ,
Elite controller ->DS4 is an Elite controller!
Play anywhere -Gamepass--->PS Vita remote play trashes this application
Multiplatform games still play better on PS4
the new trend---> crossplay -Playstation been there , done that since PS3,
EA access ---even EA itself doesnt want to be suscrided there lol ,
Full Japanese support with the best of the best from their gaming industry ->check
....the most important factor---> Quality Exclusive games ---- here we can laugh all together

Neonridr442d ago

Elite Controllers are way more comfortable and give you so much customization over a standard Dual Shock, don't even compare the two.
PS Vita doesn't give you games with it, so how does remote play trash Gamepass? LOL
Multiplats do play better on PS4, but the X is where it will all be I guess when it comes to 3rd party stuff
Crossplay is something Sony will never support. Not with other consoles anyways. Let them play by themselves then
Japanese support is a huge plus for Sony, no question there
And Sony does put out way better exclusives, no doubt about that

So while your list is admirable, you definitely are showing your bias with a few points there, just thought I would share my two cents on that matter.

JaguarEvolved442d ago

I was wondering who would write such a rubbish article and then I saw the name of the site it's coming from. It's like in order to like the xbox you have to be a silly person, make up a bunch of lies, ignore reality and avoid facts. I like the xbox but xbox is finished and its been so since 2013. All these fanatical fans do now is spin and make up lies and spread it to others

naruga442d ago (Edited 442d ago )

@Neonridr first choose a simpler nickname this one confuses me to spell it...:P
Not that much of a bias but i just try to say that everything the article points out as pro has nearly zero importance to a regular buyer-console player like me (or like the most of us) and if you look at it a bit closer is the other way around ...saying that an Elite contorller that costs 150$ is an advantage point of the console (that has not even one game worth to make that purchase) is idiotic by default (while competitor s default controller is nearly as good)....literally i dont try be negative ..on Xone(X) but being stuffed by promotion BS (and a bit of propaganda -crossplay idiocy phenomenon) is bothering me alot

Neonridr442d ago

@naruga - lol, the name has stuck with me forever (was an old license plate on my car hence the lack of proper spelling for "rider").

I fully understand that the Elite controller costs twice as much as the Dual Shock, but it still lets you do a heck of a lot more for that price. I am not saying it's necessarily better as it's completely subjective. I have a SCUF PS4 controller and love it, and it has paddles and the ability to remap buttons and stuff too. But those types of controllers aren't for everyone.

conanlifts441d ago

Just a few points.

EA access is actually a good service. Star wars and all dlc, Titanfall 2, battlefield 1 are all on ea access and a 12 month subscription is cheaper than buying BF1 alone.
Controllers are a personal preference.
Game pass is new and has less games. But psnow is a streaming service, gamepass is not. You can fully install gamepass games. Streaming games is horrible.

hamburgerhill441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

"I like the xbox but xbox is finished and its been so since 2013"

Well I feel the same but more like since 2011. They're doing things now to bring life back to the console but until I see exclusives I personally feel the same. Something tells me they're listening and in time things will get much better! Of course these are my hopes, so fingers crossed.

S2Killinit441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

I think the only factor that is important is games. PS4 has the advantage. If you want a powerful console, you can get a PS4Pro, its not earth shattering but its definitely a powerful console. The games show it, not spec sheets, or developers talking about their games. I don't see play anywhere as important at all. I want games, and Playstation always delivers. This is not even considering that if I want an xbox game I can play it on PC. I honestly don't see any advantage here for the xbox. Is the xboxX powerful? sure, do I need it? Nope. I want to play games. I don't want to pay $550 plus, for a console, for a limited amount of time until new, more powerful next gen consoles arrive. I will save my money, buy games, until next gen arrives.

KwietStorm441d ago

-PSN demolishes XBL how?
-Elite controller is a better and more comfortable controller, period. It's the reason we keep getting controllers like the Scuf Impact and Nacon Revolution from everyone except Sony.
-Play Anywhere and Gamepass are not even the same thing as Remote Play, at all.
-Multiplatforms will perform better on the One X.
-Yep, crossplay was on PS3/PC with a small selection of games, but the new initiative that would have console to console is nonexistent because PlayStation won't play ball.
-EA Acsess isn't even an option on PS4.
-Japanese support, well yea, that ties in with the exclusives, where PS4 clearly dominates the Xbox.

DaNineTwo441d ago

Not sure why you got disagrees; you were speaking facts. Gotta love N4G.

zerocarnage441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

Xbox live has always been more stable and more secure than psn so what you on about. Not to mention that games on Xbox live are better for multiplayer, yes psn has gotten better since ps3 days but it's still not at the standards Xbox live is when playing games online. I remember when I had my ps3games were awful to play online then I ended up switching and damn you could tell the difference, you still can.

Xbox has better controller period, that's why more pc players adopt that controller rather than a PlayStation one. Also you will find the armed forces using Xbox controllers for drones, much more comfy and responsive.

Yeah I'll say as well Xbox biggest draw back is exclusives but I wouldn't say that is a consoles strongest point, if that was the case I'd of gone with PlayStation over Xbox. I don't need a console to be depending on exclusives for the win. The way you Sony gamers on this site go about it is that the PlayStation is reliant on exclusives , basically saying the console wouldn't be where it was now if it was not for its exclusives which I just don't believe entirely.

CoinOrc441d ago

The differences in stability between PSN and Xbox Live is negligible. The Elite controller is better but it also costs $150. Not worth the money in my opinion. Multi-platform games will look better with the Xbox One X but it also costs $500. Not worth it for me as I don't even have a 4k TV. Most people don't for that matter. More PC players adopt the Xbox controller because that's the only controller the PC supports. You need to do some tinkering to even get the DS4 to work on PC. I actually prefer the DS4 because of the symmetrical analog sticks. Yes, the Playstation brand is where it is because of exclusives. PS2 was able to sell more than 150 million units partly because of its large plethora of exclusives. Exclusives pretty much saved the PS3 after a disastrous launch. Exclusives are part of the reason the PS4 is doing so well.

butchertroll441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

Xbox Play Anywhere, Xbox Rewards

Play Anywhere is the same shit as PS Cross buy PS4 > PS Vita - PS3

Xbox Rewards is the same shit as Sony Rewards.

So, it doesn't have the edge in all area. It's the same in some area.

AAWELLS09440d ago

Not very good at this are ya?

EatCrow440d ago (Edited 440d ago )

PSn doesnt demolish xlive
Elite Controller is way better still
Play Anywhere is not the same as game pass and it is better or more relevant then a handheld application
Gamepass is better then what Sony isnt offering
Multiplatform games play better on pc most of the time and if not then on the most comfrotable and less laggy controller which would be xbox
The new trend is not new but no longer supported as much by sony suddenly
EA Access....what does sony have?
Full Japanese Support is on Sonys console. Sony being a japanese company has something to do with that.
Quality exclusives are on both.

combatcash440d ago

PSN definitely DOES NOT demolish Xlive, even something as starting a party is siginificantly easier,quicker more intuited on Xlive, than on PSN. The biggest difference is exclusive material, Sony always has strong support from third parties, and they generally deliver great quality games from their studios. MS shot themselves in the foot by releasing xbox one with Kinnect 2.0 a total disaster.

Skull521440d ago

In number of exclusive games. Halo is better than anything PlayStation has to offer.

440d ago
bennissimo440d ago

Hell, the BASE Xbox controller is better than the DS, and it always has been.

DS feels like a toddler's toy, in comparison.

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Bigpappy442d ago

X1X is defined by power though, and that covers a lot more ground than exclusives. Lots of great studios from around the world now have a console that they can really showcase their work on. Xbox may not catch PS4 in sales, but X1X will be very strong in sales at that $500 price point. Everyone loves power. That is because it gives the best gaming experience. Not everyone will be getting an X, but many will. Because Sony did not fully embrace 4K when they built the PS4, the X will go almost unchallenged for the next few years as the pro seem to limp along behind it (despite PS4 having more exclusives).

442d ago
LP-Eleven441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

Power and "best game experience" are mutually exclusive. For many, power doesn't mean anything to have the "best" gaming experience.

Besides, if it's all about power, then the PC is THE absolute best there is!

In regards to the "limping Pro", last time I checked, it has plenty of games out, plenty on the way, and plenty in 4K.

Why o why441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

If it was only about power, nobody would have an xbox and all Xbox owners would at least own a ps4

Games will always be the lifeblood of any console.

The majority of x1 owners will be current Xbox owners.

The people Microsoft need to appeal to are those who don't own an Xbox on top of those who will buy without question . .

Do you think swarms of ps owners will buy a console that has little exclusives just to play the remaining multiplatform games of the gen in better specs?

Atticus_finch441d ago

If the pro limping with it's graphics, what would that make the Xbox one.

r2oB441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

@ bigpappy

If the Xbox One X is defined by power then what defines the Xbox One? Weakness? Many will argue Playstation is currently defined by power and games. Take power away and that still leaves games. Games will always trump power. Consider the "most powerful" console wont be able to play a large number of AAA games (like Nier, Nioh, Persona 5, and many more); plus AAA games coming out (such as GoW, Days Gone, Spiderman, Death Stranding, Detroit, Ni No Kuni 2, DQ11, and many more) at any resolution and you will realize power isnt as important as conent.

And considering the Xbox One X sales will be a fraction of the already lagging Xbox One, its definition will hold little weight.

SCW1982441d ago

That "limping Pro" has a 1 out of every 4 attach rate mate.

ASBO-5441d ago

Oh, so thats why the OG xbox outsold the PS2........ Wait a sec, that never happened

441d ago
rainslacker441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

Yeah, that's good and all, but the developers need a substantial install base to actually bother to build for that power.

X1X would have to at least catch PS4P to get meaningful support on par with PS4P, and realistically, that support on PS4P hasn't been exactly stellar.

Best gaming experience comes from the developers who optimize their games for the platform. And I'd go so far as to say that the actual best experiences have nothing to do with power, but the care that developers take to make their games run well regardless of platform.

The devs themselves don't really overly care about now having 4K potential. They know that a better looking game at a lower resolution will make a bigger impression than a game with fewer of the effects turned up at 4K.

X1X may go unchallenged for the next few years, and by the time that we maybe start seeing devs take the time to actually build to that power given development cycles, the PS5 will likely be in the loop to outdo the X1X in what is predicted to be a pretty big way.

Hardiman441d ago

Have you seen HZD or Lost Legacy, Nioh? God of War was running on a standard PS4 at E3 this past June so that says a lot! My friend you can have all the power you want but you to have something to go along with it. I'll take my not true 4K system as what I'm seeing right now is amazing ad I can't get Sony's exclusives anywhere else. apparently talent is just as important as power.

yellowgerbil440d ago

anyone who cares about power already has a pc that can play all the same games and probably is far more powerful than the 1x.
It is a pointless move by a very insecure company. If they were smart they would of done like nintendo, hold off 1 more year and make it MORE powerful and release it as the first 8th gen console with Crackdown Forza and Sea of Thieves as launch titles.
But we can't expect Microsoft to be smart, they spent billions on minecraft instead of using those to make 2 dozen franchises that could hold the company up in the worst of times like Nintendo has Mario and zelda, and Sega is still surviving due to sonic

Dark_Knightmare2440d ago

If power mattered so much than the most powerful console of the previous gens would have been able to win at least once but that never happened so yeah

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OB1Biker442d ago (Edited 442d ago )

It's a false statement too. These last few years showed many areas where PS4 was better like share play for instance.
Anyway you can see in the pics that PS4 has better edges.

RosweeSon441d ago

That and the double amount of owners/users.

SierraGuy441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

I agree with you...and come November when this new hardware releases you can bet Sony will have another price drop just in time for Christmas...which will completely destroy Microsoft's new console. It may have had a fighting chance with a decent cpu...but we all know that is not happening. I'll wait for PS5 thanks.

rainslacker441d ago

Gran Turismo is likely to do more to hurt the X1X launch than anything else. While GT6 kind of flopped in comparison to the others, that was likely them sticking it on last gen after PS4 released, with no cross gen port...likely so they could promote DriveClub instead. Wasted oppurtunity on Sony's part IMO....but I digress.

A price drop was inevitable for this holiday at least for the base console. Sony hasn't been that reactionary this gen though, so they may wait it out for a PS4P price drop if they're happy with current sales. I don't really see Sony competing with Xbox in the same way that MS is trying to compete with PS4. Sony just seems to be keeping to itself for the most part, and chugging along happily with sales which they must be satisfied with. There is this notion that cheaper to keep the user base is more important than having higher profits due to satisfying current demand at a certain price. But maintaining more profitability is usually more important to these companies, and the price drops come when they think the time is right to bring in more people to make more money on the back end by sacrificing profit on the front end.

getbacktogaming441d ago

I prefer the Xbox controller, backwards compatibility, free games selection, user interface... I can think of anything I prefer on the Sony side except for exclusives yet it still gets my ultimate vote for those. If I'd pick only one console I wouldn't want to miss out on Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, Last of Us, God of War, etc, etc etc...

Trilithon441d ago

whoever disagrees with this is obviously trolling

Maddens Raiders441d ago

BF4 on PS4 + All exclusives = Gamer's Paradise. =)

Ceaser9857361441d ago

"Xbox One Has the Edge Over PS4 in All But One Area: Exclusive Games"

Exclusive games no. 1 and most important factor.... Period.. Rest comes later.... Hence the PS4 is doing well... Also talking about giving opportunities and freedom for creativity , Sony does that better...

441d ago
MegamanXXX441d ago

Not going to argue with that and I'm a PC gamer first

dumahim441d ago

I love this. Headline: “Xbox One Has the Edge Over PS4 in All But One Area: Exclusive Games”
First line: "PS4 might have the lead in sales"

fiveby9440d ago

"Xbox One Has the Edge Over PS4 in All But One Area: Exclusive Games"

Oh and one other area it has not just an edge but clear advantage...... sales. The marketplace has voted. I'm sorry but all this X1X talk leading to an MS resurgence is so pathetic. Clearly just lame MS marketing machine hype.

subtenko440d ago

PC has the the edge over Xbox One X: Exclusive titles that arent on Xbox (even PS4), graphics and power.

So thats why I just get PC and PS4 ^_^ excellent gaming combo (No I dont have anything else this gen, gets expensive :( )

3-4-5440d ago

Exclusives are only kind of important.

The controller is more important to me and the XB1 controller works better for me personally. The DS4 is by far the best control Sony has ever designed but the PS style control is too cramped and I don't love the placement of the lower dual sticks.

Also makes it difficult to play as good as I could for Sports and FPS games. I just prefer the XB1 controller or even the Switch Pro controller.

That for me is a main edge....but for others not so much.

Sony has more games and more exclusives, but if I'm 100% honest, a large portion of those games don't really appeal to me anyways, so while it's great they are there for everyone else....I'm just not going to be playing most of them so it's kind of a wash.

I own all 3 so I don't have to worry about game droughts and picking and choosing.....but I prefer my XB1 for 3rd party games because of the controller. I'll be playing Destiny on XB1 even though I could play it on PS4 and get some extra stuff....just not worth it to me.

The best thing is.....every option is a good option. Switch,XB1, PS4,PC,3DS,Vita,PSP........... ...all great for playing games.

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Lennoxb63442d ago

They also have the edge in comments per article. Xbox article: 300-500 comments. PS article: 20-50 comments (unless it's something REALLY important).

VforVideogames442d ago ShowReplies(5)
OB1Biker442d ago (Edited 442d ago )

Do you mean in articles like this one some people pretend are only xbox related but keep referring to PS4?

Atticus_finch441d ago

Xbox article where they only talk about PlayStation lol.

rainslacker441d ago

Sony doesn't have that many articles compared to MS.

OffRoadKing441d ago

Where did you pull those numbers out of? Never mind we all know.

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AspiringProGenji442d ago

Meh! You mentioned a bunch of things that are purery subjective. Xbox Rewards? Really?

gamer7804441d ago

Xbox rewards are great u get money back everytime you purchase plus the 10$ a month u can get from bing rewards gives a hefty discount on games.

WeAreLegion441d ago

What about Sony Rewards though?

NeoGamer232441d ago

Cost of gaming is important to many people. Not everyone has disposable money to throw at their consoles.

And with xb rewards every little bit helps

Why o why441d ago

You know what doesn't help more. . . . .games. . .it's so bad on Sony's end they just keep taking our money year after year by giving us more higher quality games of a wider variety. . .inconsiderate bast***s

goken441d ago

basically a fanboy article.
well at least he/she's not completely dellusional and say something like 'Xbox has the biggest exclusives'

ImGumbyDammit440d ago

Add Bing Rewards to that bonus. Using that pays for at least new one game a year.

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WePlayDirty442d ago

Such a subjective article.

PhoenixUp442d ago

Since when does Xbox One have the edge in things such as worldwide appeal & third party support over PS4

Bigpappy442d ago

Not with the one over the PS4, but definitely the X is out doing the pro in that area.

I am predicting that X1X becomes the best selling console for M$ on a monthly basest after its release, and PS4 remains the monthly top seller for Sony. The amount of focus developer are putting on the X, is going to make many look pass the X1S and the PS4-pro.

LP-Eleven441d ago

This is what I feared with the release of the X1X. All logical discussion would cease and people would only follow their preferences blindly.

If you really expect developers to look "past the Pro", you will be in for a rude awakening. It hasn't even begun, as we still read plenty of interviews with developers creating titles with the PS4 and PS4 Pro in mind.

GTgamer441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

It's 4 years into this Gen but I love that You guys are keeping hope alive.... ANYWAYYYYYYYYYY to the people with common sense this generation belongs to Sony end of story better luck next time MS

Stogz441d ago

Can't wait for the sales to show how wrong you are. It'll outsell in Nov and dec, beyond that I doubt it.

The_Sage441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

Lol. I am begining to believe that Bigpappy is being completely sarcastic in all his comments just to amuse himself. There is no way that he can actually believe the things he says.

Good one pappy.

Phill-Spencer441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

Be sure that we won't get any official sales data from ms. they will still want to hide it because xbox will keep on getting demolished by ps4 sales.

But it's sad that xbox's downfall has driven guys like bigpappy into such an severe state of delusion.

441d ago
kneon441d ago


We'll likely get some PR speak like "The Xbox One X is the best selling console with a name ending in X and sold by a company based in Redmond Washington"

Phill-Spencer441d ago (Edited 441d ago )


That's exactly what i expect. We get some pointless pr spins, ok maybe at release and 1-2 months after ms feels like giving actual numbers because it will sell a larger amount but as soon as that period is over they will instantly go back to their smoke and mirror tactics.

leoms441d ago

the moment MS pisses over its fanbase and tell them it's raining and they buy it... smh

King_Lothric441d ago

In what planet do you live? 😂