Techtree: Blackberry Bold 9000 Review

Techtree writes: "Finally after a long wait the Blackberry 9000 arrived in our Test Labs and I was glad I could now spend more time with this phone. After clearing out the issues between them and the government, RIM was able to bring life to their range of Blackberry handsets with the launch of the Bold 9000. Blackberry almost seemed like it was on the verge of dying in India, one of the strongest growing handset markets in the world.

The Bold 9000 not only brings new life to Blackberry but also brings a whole new face to RIM handsets, which were primarily enterprise solutions. The Curve 8300 was the first time they ventured into the other side of mobile handsets and saw much success, with the Bold can they achieve far more than what they could have imagined?"

+Great Looks
+Good Build
+Great Screen
+Comfortable QWERTY keypad
+DiVX/XviD playback
+Good Battery Life, WiFi, Video Recording, Audio

-2MP camera

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