Consumers will ultimately decide PS3 price, say UK retailers

Sony's critics may baulk at the high price of PS3 but according to the retail sector, it's consumers who will ultimately decide whether GBP 425 is too much to ask when the console arrives on March 23.

From entertainment chains to independent specialists, UK retailers have told that whatever analysts, industry insiders and rival format holders think of the PS3's price tag, gamers will vote with their wallets.

"Obviously, it's quite a high threshold, which may or may not prove an issue, particularly among non-core PlayStation fans," said Tim Ellis, head of games at HMV.

"But then it's also the case that PS3 is much more than just a games console. Gamers already know this and I'm sure will respond accordingly."

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power of Green 5226d ago

Dam!, I guess i better back track.

CG5226d ago

they think the PS3 is going to sell for £425 pounds in the UK, i mean £280 for a 360 is still too expensive for the mainstream in the UK.

MicroGamer5226d ago

Consumers may have a price they are willing to pay in mind, but retailers will ultimately decide what they will pay by what price they put on the box. Go into a big retail outlet and tell them you are only paying 300 pounds for a PS3 and try to walk out leaving the store short money and see how fast you get arrested.

Giro5226d ago

I live in UK and I personally would never spend £425 on any console, its extortionate, especially not the PS3.

Marty83705226d ago

The £425 price tag is a bargain for what you get harware wise,all as standard.Blu-ray,Wireless controller,Wi-Fi,60Gb Hard Drive,Media card slots,Supports up too 7 Bluetooth devices,Free Online.

TheMART5226d ago

You can say whatever you want, but it's not a reasonable price.

don't matter what non standard format Sony put into the console. When gamers compare the games on 360 and PS3, they see multiformat games look best on the 360. COD3, FNR3 all the games just say it loud and clear. Plus online PS3 misses stuff, Tony Hawk, Virtua Tennis 3... NO ONLINE, while 360 has extended online play. MLB 2k7 can do 12 people league for PS3, but 30 people league on the 360...

And that for about 270 pounds or so. Still a high amount of money for a gaming system, but a much, much better deal then an overpriced betabluray player

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The story is too old to be commented.