Q&A: Sony Australia boss Michael Ephraim

Following the announcement that the PS3 will be released in March 23, 2007 in both Australia and Europe, Sony fans rejoiced. But GameSpot Australia's Randolph Ramsay had a few questions for managing director Michael Ephraim of SCE Australia.

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Maddens Raiders5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

-- "I'm not too concerned. By coincidence, our launch in Australia is the exact day that the Xbox 360 launched here a year ago. I think it is public knowledge that Microsoft and retailers are disappointed with the numbers the 360 has done here. GfK Australia puts the 360 at about 150,000 units install base--we're sitting on 2.2 million on PS2, so there's a long way to go. We do not see the one year head start as insurmountable by any means at all; 150,000 is a nice number, but it is by no means 2 million." --

After I read that, I thought to myself, "All this guy needs now is an avatar, and an account on N4G."lol

Oh I see you POG - down there trollin' again. Don't ya just hate PS3 news? why?

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