Telltale's Game of Thrones Season Two is "On Hold"

Despite earlier reports that Telltale Games is preparing a second season of its episodic Game of Thrones adaptation, the project is currently “on hold.”

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Quetzll418d ago

Maybe they're finally implementing a new engine. The animations, graphics, and controls are legit PS2-era. I still enjoyed the first season though.

NotSoMad418d ago

This is surprising considering them doing this game initially was a huge deal.

TheSinsibleOne418d ago

Hope they do a season two. First season was great. Probably the only Telltale game where there's actually a difference. Sister could die or not and either Rodrick or (forgot the other mans name) could be the main character. Let the sister die the first time but then I realised I have to play the game of thrones. Very underrated game.

bumbleforce418d ago

That sucks first season was good. Wanted to see what happens next especially after you make the hard choice at the end

AnubisG418d ago

Oh that's too bad. I really enjoyed the first season.

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