Resident Evil Revelations PS4 Review (PSU)

Resident Evil Revelations makes the jump to PS4 with improved visuals and DLC. Is it worth picking up? Find out in our full review.

solderman2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Definitely worth picking up at the current price. If you buy in store. Great game.


Steam Uproar as Capcom Slips In Restrictive DRM Software

From Xfire: "Steam users and the larger PC gaming community are lashing out at Capcom over a streak of sneaky DRM updates as the Japanese gaming giant continues to flirt with controversy"

LordoftheCritics138d ago


Capcom turning into Ubisoft.

Well success can have that effect.

just_looken138d ago

Yep this shows how bad a digital world is now well for the old titles new games disc or not the drm is there but you can get the old games on dvd then try to monkey the last pre drm update onto the game files.

I love GOG for this reason i saw that skyrim bs update so i know not to run that version as gog you can select what patch to download/install with capcom hopefully we get a list of the update numbers that add this horrific drm.

With denuvo as a alder lake pc user it still has issues with E cores and i remember when the servers were taken offline forcing hundreds of games to be paperweights.


FinalFantasyFanatic137d ago

It's also really annoying how they can cut or change content later, like the Skull Girls controversy, a decade later after the game came out, they decide to censor it. The game is a decade old, if it's not broken, leave it, adding DRM back into older games is BS.

just_looken137d ago


Good point even major sp games got the cut after the fact be it last of us with maps/art or gta 5 removing stuff in the world.

Cyberpunk ps4 day one disc copy the sept build still has stuff the other versions no longer have.

With the gta 6 controversy right now i think back to the days of saints row creating a character beating up cops with a dildo bat and now we have elon crying over gta 6 guns killing cops i bet you if they made saints row 2 hd they would half to cut half the games content or go to jail lol also sad.

Was watching avatar last airbender 13yr old ang kissing katar again can not have that in a kids show or game now.

PRIMORDUS138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Do they want more of their games to be torrented? Seems like it, I don't mind 🤣 Just ripped them a new asshole on Twitter, as I do not care what I say or post on there LOL.

banger88137d ago

Let me guess, you have a vpn enabled. For your sake I hope it's not in any 5 Eyes territories.


I have ExpressVPN but on Twitter I don't use it lol. For other things I use it :D

Barlos137d ago

Nice. I got a lifetime ban on Twitter back in 2020 for speaking my mind. Don't care tbh, I'm not really into social media. I don't even have a Facebook account.


I'm still trying to get banned to lol I'll keep at it 🤣 I have FB but maybe log in once a month but yeah always speak your mind no matter how bad the words come out, do not hold back online or IRL. Fuck them shit bags lol.

got_dam137d ago

This is classic Capcom. They everything they go on a hot streak and win back some consumer good will they have to turn around and burn it to the ground and have to start the whole process again.

Chocoburger137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Additional DRM just pushes people to pirate more. These ignorant executives just don't get it. Only the legitimate customer is affected by DRM. 😕

Darkegg137d ago

Drm punishes legit customers and encourage hackers. It’s the wrong way to go about it.

Darkegg137d ago

Drm punishes legit customers and encourages hackers. It’s the wrong approach.

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It's Time For Resident Evil's Most Unique Mode to Make a Comeback

With series staple Mercenaries Mode returning to the Resident Evil 4 Remake, it’s time to remind fans of another mostly forgotten mode from the RE series. Reaching the second chapter in the 2012 3DS game Resident Evil: Revelations unlocked something called Raid Mode for players to enjoy. Unlike Mercenaries, Raid Mode is not a time-attack mode and instead operates as a more RPG-lite version of the main game. While players are expected to try and hammer down on a handful of levels in Mercenaries, Raid Mode gives players a much more expansive game type to play around with.

This mode was included in ports released on the seventh and eighth generations of consoles and was part of Resident Evil: Revelations 2, which was released in 2015. However, the Revelations duology is the only time that Raid Mode has existed in the massive Resident Evil franchise, and that should change in some future release.

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ZeekQuattro427d ago

I'd like to raid mode make a return in the future. When Capcom was hacked there was a as of yet announced RE game in there that I was hoping might turn into Revelations 3. There were also reports that whatever that RE game was scrapped and cancelled.


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