Microsoft's VR Platform will Support SteamVR Games at Launch, and Halo VR in the Future!

Windows 10's VR solution Windows Mixed Reality will be getting a few reasonably priced VR headsets later this year with headset and motion controller bundles starting as low as $399 USD. Up until now, these "Windows Mixed Reality PCs" were seen as consumer application driven. And not really for high-end games. Well, that's changed as Microsoft has announced that games built for Valve's SteamVR platform will work on these Mixed Reality Headsets.

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UltraNova415d ago

So MS thinks we are there now (not even a year later) when it comes to VR? They'd better have some badass VR headset and games in the works then...

Team_Litt414d ago

You realize these are mixed reality not VR right? Their position on VR has not changed. Stop trying to spread misinformation to suit your agenda.

filchron414d ago

It CLEARLY states that the headsets will work with SteamVR IE a VR platform..

Team_Litt414d ago

Just because they're compatible with VR does not make them VR headsets. They are mixed reality headsets. What part of this are you unable to comprehend?

TankCrossing414d ago

They've been saying for ages that they believe that PC is the best place for VR while the tech is in its infancy.

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Muadiib414d ago

I guarantee it will be some crappy 2 hour Halo experience, hope I'm wrong.

feedthereaper414d ago

Any VR for Xbox One X will be more gimmick and tech demo than full blown gaming experiences that blow the mind. The tech is still not there yet even on most much higher spec PC's. At best, you will get a game that plays fairly well at VR level but even then it won't blow anyone away that they are in Utopia with it, as it will still offer better graphics and gaming options 2D than VR.
It will get there....... but we are still a full console generation away at least from VR games that surpass anything a regular 2D game offers. I would say at least another 5 years before we start to see VR versions of Call Of Duty or Mass Effect type games selling on par (and being played as much as) any 2D equivalent of the same game.
Microsoft themselves stated it last year when they said that any VR experience is going to be a sub-par version of any game as the technology needs several years to mature and grow to be capable (and cheap enough) to produce games for VR en-masse.
All they are doing here is testing the waters, getting developers excited and being ready to capitalize on any sudden changes in the direction of VR that snowballs into a big commercial revenue stream.

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