DEN: Fracture Review

DEN writes: "If you don't know by now, Fracture is your basic action title set in the future. Global warming has literally split the country in half, and then a classic futuristic scenario (genetic modification) causes tension between already separated states. Add into the mix a military leader with a massive chip on his shoulder, and you have the makings for a civil war. The premise may not be groundbreaking, but it is the gameplay of Fracture that is – both literally and figuratively.

The "entrencher" is the key to the gameplay by allowing players to move the ground up or down. Players can create cover, take away cover from an enemy, access previously unavailable areas, and even squash an enemy against the roof in certain areas."

What Works:
+ New type of gameplay with player controlled terrain deformation
+ New weapons
+ Solid storyline that begs to be explored more

What Doesn't:
- Only one vehicle?
- Since when did Roger Corman become in charge of voice acting?
- Aiming on the altered landscape isn't perfect

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