Siliconera: Mega Man 9 music interview with Inti Creates' Ippo Yamada

Siliconera: "While working for Capcom, Ippo Yamada participated in composing music and designing sounds for Mega Man 7, credited under the codename IPPO. He currently serves as the lead sound designer for the game developer Inti Creates, contributing to the music of Mega Man Zero and ZX. Here he discusses the process behind creating the sounds of Mega Man 9 together with Inti Creates sound team members Ryo Kawakami, Yu Shimoda, and Hiroki Isogai, returning to the spirit of the early days of the Blue Bomber on current generation hardware."

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ChickeyCantor4380d ago

just remade Galaxy mans theme, i tried putting down every note but one track in that theme( and all thems btw) that doesn't make sense to my ears i can't follow it >_<.

But his music is awesome =D
Hope he keeps making these kind of music for capcom.