Nintendo Points Are Either Wii Points Or DS Points, Not Both

Siliconera said: "Before you shove that 5,000 Nintendo Points card on to a spanking new DSi, take note points are fixed to a console. I'm sure the savvy Siliconera audience already predicted this since Nintendo doesn't have an overarching account system to control digital distribution. Just as a precautionary warning the slide below confirms point cards cannot be used on a Wii and DSi. One card, one console."

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Internet Trolling Ex3792d ago

For messing up another neat idea of yours with a pointless restriction

ChickeyCantor3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago ) need to enter the digits that are on the cards so once you use a point card it will be registered at nintendo's service.
They could have made a central point system...but yeah sh/t happens.

But wii-shop channel can make use of Mastercards too so i DSi should too?

Neo Nugget3791d ago

Not a big deal really....

DarkBlood3791d ago

ok i guess thats out of the question

so im going to assume you can't play gba games and previous portable titles before gba came on the wii am i correct guys

so how to put it this way im going to need a another sd card for the new ds

or i can use my sd card that i got for my wii and play classic on the ds but gba games wont be able to be played on the wii even if its in the sd card only the titles downlaoded from the wii too the wii drive wil lwork on there

if anyoen can make sense of my confusion and comfirm what will the ds be able to do and co exist ( whatever that means) with the wii please tell me

well i will not get the ds lite and wait for this one to come because im exicted for this

Delive3791d ago

Working with real world money and one account crossing between both systems. Lets say I put $20 dollars on my PSN account preparing for a game coming out in a month. That Thursday, there is a PS game I really want, but it's $15 dollars and I'm strapped for real world cash. No problem as the money is shared between both. It should all be Nintendo points, not Wii points and DSi points.