Gearbox CEO: 'I Don't Know That We Could or Should' Make Half-Life 2: Episode 3

While Randy Pitchford would love more of the Half-Life universe, he isn't so sure his studio should be the one to continue the story.

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instantstupor414d ago

I cannot for the life of me figure out why this even came up!

I know Gearbox ported some HL games in the past, but is there a dev more poorly suited to taking a beloved franchise and continuing it? Ask fans of Aliens and get back to me :-p

ReesesPuffs414d ago

I don't trust Gearbox at all but Aliens was basically outsourced and they hardly did anything with Duke Nukem besides Port it and release it. They're very solid developers when they actually make the games.

irishyort414d ago

You didn't like the Borderland games then? I think these were great. Valve seemingly have the story already, it' shouldn't be too difficult to fill in the blanks so to speak.

NecoTehSergal414d ago

Were you not alive when they MADE Half-Life: Opposing Force? That was a great damn game / expansion.

Granted, this was before Gearbox begun to fail miserably, because PRIOR to Duke Nukem Forever, PRIOR to Aliens: Colonial Marines and PRIOR to Battleborn? There was really zero negativity at the studio. They weren't hugely advanced but they also weren't really 'out there' enough to be called mediocre imho.

But, course - I'm not disputing 'The Gearbox of Today' where, the only thing they can apparently do right is, Borderlands, and even then I'm not a big fan of it, even as mainstream and as fun as it is to many.

DethWish414d ago

Gearbox made the HL1 expansions. And as @NecoTehSergal said, Opposing Force was long regarded as the best expansion for any game ever.

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pietro1212414d ago

If Valve has no intention of developing it (which they clearly don't) The project should officially die. Gear Box should stay far away from it we don't need another Duke Nukem Forever on our hands.

NarooN414d ago

Lol the only thing Gearbox did with Duke Forever is polish it up a bit and release it. The vast majority of the development was handled by like 500 different studios before they got their hands on it.

StarElite414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

If I had to chose any developer to make Half Life 3 it would be, id Software. They have made some of the best single player FPS experiences this gen. imo

Darkwatchman414d ago

That would not work probably because ID are not known for story and world building. They're known for gunplay. Straight up gameplay and mechanics. Half Life is about more than gunplay. It is about work building and characters; something I don't think id software could do justice

AnotherProGamer414d ago

Naughty dog should make it since niel drunkmann is a big fan of half life

TheColbertinator414d ago

If only Irrational was still around

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