Given the Chance, Shinji Mikami "Might" Direct Resident Evil 8

How excited would you be if Mikami returned to Resident Evil?

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gantarat2102d ago

Only if he resign from Tango ceo and go back capcom.

opinionated2102d ago

Unless they outsource it like they did dead rising. Given the success of the last entry I doubt that would happen. I doubt Mikami would give up his studio either. It's safe to say that this won't happen imo.

Tankbusta402102d ago

Yeah he has a good thing going with his new series, its always good to have multiple survival horror games available

naruga2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

YES YES ..Shinji return back and save the IP from the retarded New Era Capcom ...that transformed your game to trash Outlast copy-cat garbage

also his quote that genre that he created is “a sense of excitement and pleasantness.” should be the absolute essence for every RE game .....not the trash logic of stress marathons like Outlast , RE7, ALien Isolation where the adversaries are invincible bullet sponges

he should have credited also Kenichi Iwao (scriptwriter of RE1, RE1,5 and Parasite eve 2) in creating the Survival Horror Genre as RE wouldnt be the same masterpiece without him

gantarat2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Technically isn't outsorce anymore since capcom bought Blue Castle Games (and renamed Capcom Vancouve)

opinionated2102d ago

True but it was outsourcing at first.

_-EDMIX-_2102d ago

Given how bad it is at Capcom, they might very much take up that offer. They've already outsourced many titles before, why would this be any different?

gantarat2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

His Studios sponsor by/partnership with Bethesda.

2102d ago
-Foxtrot2102d ago


Bring back RE to glory :D

Glitchjoy2102d ago

I'm actually really curious why the current RE 7 is seen like such a blasphemy to most people?
It's the closest RE has ever been to it's roots.
The game has puzzles, backtracking, key collecting, inventory management, save rooms, safe boxes, etc.
If the game had Leon or Chris would people like it better?

-Foxtrot2102d ago

Why? Because we've seen in other games released over the years that with some elements big or small that an updated Resident Evil game similar to the old ones OR even something more horror based similar to RE4 can work. Take the Lost in Nightmares RE5 DLC or even look at Dead Space...why can't RE evolve in a better way that's suited for the franchise?

You don't change something as big as the perspective of your game. RE has always been a third person survival horror game but they change it to first to try to cash in on things like Outlast, Five Nights and P.T. It's obvious what they were trying to do...the thing is it worked because of one main reason...that RE6, the last game along with Umbrella Corps and Operation Raccoon City were f***** awful so anything after was going to be better. Compare something to shit and a piece of copper looks like gold.

All the "survival horror" elements that the game apparently "brought back" were half arsed and not fully like they were in the older games. It's just we were fed shit so long, especially with how different things in RE6 were and RE7 kind of filled that void P.T left, not to mention being the first big game of the year. With all the games we've had on so many platforms RE7 is pretty forgettable compared to the better, more memorable games we've had this year. If they wanted a first person horror game to cash in on P.T or other first person jump scare horror games then make a new IP. Why should old franchises be changed that much. Imagine if Half Life 3 was third person...I'd be just as annoyed.

Glitchjoy2102d ago

It's very debatable what is exactly 'suited' for a franchise. Something you'll like for RE might be completely alien to another.
Besides, Resident Evil did change the camera perspective once already and people seemed okay with it. RE4 turned out okay, even though it was the furthest from the franchises roots.
RE7 does the same thing, change up the formula to try to refresh the series because it was getting extremely stale. They brought back a lot of systems long forgotten in the series dating all the way to Code Veronica days.
The writing is also better with the story not being as outlandish and dumb as the other series. I'd say that is more than a decent start to get series moving towards what it originally was: scary.
It's very hard to do an actual scary 3rd person game nowadays. RE4, 5, 6, weren't, Nor any of the revelation games. The only reason people remember the original RE as scary is because they played it as a kid.
I'm not going to disregard the fact that they probably did try to ride the hype train of P.T, but i'm not going to discredit the entire game because of that. They brought in something Outlast and P.T don't have - which is firepower. Sure, it's limited but that's the thrill - you CAN protect yourself, but you have to make your bullets count just like in the originals (RE 4, 5, 6 gave that up long ago)
Now, in my opinion .. if they would create a mansion based game with first person camera perspective and slow moving zombies then it might actually be a pretty terrifying game where turning a corner would be extremely nerve wracking BECAUSE of the camera.
To each their own though, I just strongly disagree that RE7 was bad.

P.S Also you don't hide like in Outlast or Alien Isolation in RE7 as much - only from one person in one part of the game. The rest of the game is about collecting bullets and trying to survive.
So, no, it's not like Outlast.

_-EDMIX-_2102d ago

@Fox- "You don't change something as big as the perspective of your game"

Except the perspective of RE was barely a core part of the concept of that game, I'd argue even the physical feel of RE is not really part of the core concept of that game.

So what about RE4? The perspective of RE games before 4, was not over the shoulder / active was FIXED

"All the "survival horror" elements that the game apparently "brought back" were half arsed and not fully like they were in the older games."

How? Go into detail please, because if we know anything about you, you love vague statements to pass on as absolute.

Some of the features your talking like limited ammo, limited health, puzzles, finding weapons instead of buying them etc are done basically like the older RE titles.

So you can't say you want a "Resident Evil game similar to the old ones", yet when we get that you cry about said features returning, yet NEVER actually go into any real detail about those features returning.

For god sakes folks, you claimed it didn't have features, THAT THE DIRECTOR AND GAMERS CONFIRMED!

You don't know what your talking about and it sounds like a endless backpeddle with you.

It doesn't have the features.....complains.
(revealed to have those features)
Complains that they were um " half arsed and not fully like they were in the older games." I'm not sure how you measured limited ammo, health and weapons buddy.

You didn't even play the game to really measure out those features. As someone thats played THE WHOLE SERIES besides RE6 (ie not a RE game in the first place), I can tell you RE7's features are EXACTLY what the older RE titles had.

Limited ammo, limited health, limited weapons that you didn't BUY, 2 large areas, locked doors, puzzles etc.

That is the old RE concept, regardless of 3rd person fixed, over the shoulder, FPS, VR, BRAIN IMPLANTS ETC get over it. RE has NEVER been about perspective. That irrelevant to most RE fans, as to why this moved 4 million units.

That doesn't just happen on accident

_-EDMIX-_2102d ago

@Glitch- Agreed and agreed.

"it's limited but that's the thrill - you CAN protect yourself, but you have to make your bullets count just like in the originals (RE 4, 5, 6 gave that up long ago)"

Well...only the real OG RE fans know this. You can always spot someone that didn't play all the originals when they are worried about seeing someone's back more then anything else lol

"The game has puzzles, backtracking, key collecting, inventory management, save rooms, safe boxes, etc"

EXACTLY! As a HUGE hardcore Resident Evil fan, this was all I really wanted, was a return to older features, first person, 3rd person fixed, over the shoulder etc who cares, I just want those features back.

Perspective is completely irrelevant

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_-EDMIX-_2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )


You might need to really play RE7

You sound like the only thing you like about RE series is looking at someone's back.

"Resident Evil game similar to the old ones"

Soooooo like what exactly in terms of features?

Because what you are asking for was done in RE7.....they game you ignored and didn't play..

-Foxtrot2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

I've played it...don't assume that someone hasn't played something. It's arrogant as f***

I want a third person survival horror game which dosen't half arse features, constant "jump scare" horror (SURVIVAL HORROR not jump scare) and focuses on Zombies, T-Virus, Tyrants, more on Umbrella, characters like Chris/Jill/Leon/Claire, better puzzles, a lot of backtracking which becomes harder as the game progresses to pick up items you may have missed, forces me into situations I was trying to avoid the first time. I just want a proper RE game...not something between a new IP.

"they game you ignored and didn't play"

God you really are such an arrogant ass aren't you, you speak to people like utter shit when you are going through one of your bi polar phases. Is it hard that I'm not suckered into it and have a different opinion...shocker to you...I know.

_-EDMIX-_2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

@Fox- Thats nice...=)

You hated it so much, you played it? Funny...

Unlimax2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Tbh .. i think its depend on people taste whether they liked or hated that game , some have high standards .. maybe you don't see what they personally believe is good for them , You just need to respect that .

Glitchjoy2102d ago

@Fox You preach surival horror, but the original RE games had a lot of jumpscares too. I wouldn't say that RE7 has more jumpscares than something like the original RE. Dogs jumping through windows and all that.
And as i stated before, RE7 has puzzles, backtracking, heck, it even has limited saves if you pick a certain game mode if you want that raw original feel.
I don't expect RE7 to be for everyone, but I also don't think we should completely shun it away because it is a bigger return to the series than 4,5 and 6 which is saying a lot already.
I also don't expect you to play the game and like it when you go into it with a very biased opinion.
We can agree to disagree, but I would never say the game has to be shunned just because the art direction is different and they don't use core characters like before.
Using any familliar faces from the older RE games and keeping the gameplay from older ones would be impossible considering all of the stuff the established characters had seen and are basically trained mercenaries jumping around in matrix slow-mo. Unless they do a soft reboot.

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Shinox2102d ago

BRING HIM BACK .. also bring back the RE3 director and Hideki Kamiya !

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