Bioshock PS3: Demo Run-through

GameXtract writes "The Bioshock Demo for the PS3 was put up on the PSN store. It comes in at one hefty 1.4 GB download so for those users still using a 20GB PS3 might have to clear up some space if they have been loading countless music tracks, and HD game data like myself. The demo level on the PS3 is the same level found on the PC, and the Xbox360 where you find yourself alive after a plane crash, and you start to venture through the world of Rapture. We were pretty satisfied with the demo, but we know their are those few people who love to be very picky, and find every little difference as possible. We have uploaded a demo run-through of the game, and while we do not see too much of a difference between the two consoles I'm sure you (the readers) will be able to find those small pockets of gameplay where differences are noticeable. Video after the jump!"

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Gaystation 33787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

This is pathetic!

It took 4 different developers a whole year to make this port; Jesus Christ! What the hell have they been doing?

For the PS3 version, they downgraded the graphics, especially the lighting and added exclusive framerate and screen tearing problems.

Pain3787d ago

how can u make a game better when it was made on a last gen DVD player?

oh thats right u cant. BS = port so its Sh!tlike all Xbox 2 games.

and btw Congratulations on Supporting Sony and Breast cancer research with that PINK PS3.

SKUD3787d ago

Just play the damn game!. It wont let you down.

vickers5003787d ago

Damn right. Best game ever.

LightningPS33787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

If you ask me, it's safe to say that they sorta did what they did with GTA IV on PS3. They gave it warmer softer colors.

It's neither that much better or worst but it's a little different style.

For me, I beat Bioshock on 360 but I already sold off my 360 and went with PS3. I'll add Bioshock to my collection and revisit Rapture again now on PS3.

El_Colombiano3787d ago

Weren't you the one crying about how the PS3 made you lose a years worth of gaming not one year ago? Now your going to try to tell everybody that you sold off your 360? Ha, you must be looking for bubbles.

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The story is too old to be commented.