PS3 Drake's Fortune Bundle Sales are Hot

"Roughly 24 hours after appearing for pre-order at Amazon, the new Sony Playstation 3 160GB Bundle with Drake's Fortune, a DualShock controller and voucher for PAIN from the Playstation Network has made waves on the movers and shakers charts."

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Omega43792d ago

I seems like the only way Sony can create demand is by releasing a new SKU every 2-3 months

I dont see why they just dont cut the price instead of confusing the consumer with over 10 SKUs which increase in price rather than decrease in price

DavidMacDougall3792d ago

They do it because there giving people what they want ,people want a bigger HHD so Sony doubled it

They already doubled the 40gb to the 80gb free of charge

Omega43792d ago

"free of charge" is a very important thing here, they double the harddrive space but added $100 to the price and to justify it they threw in a YEAR OLD game

On the other hand MS TRIPLED the harddrive space from 20GB to 60GB AND actually dropped the price

This is plain and simply a marketing stunt to increase demand

Oh and lets not forget you could upgrade the HDD yourself by about 300GB with that $100

The gaming GOD3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

At the expense of Ensemble Studios more than likely

On a side note though Omega, why are you always first to post on many ps3 articles considering you aren't much a fan of the system?

Rob0g0rilla3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Why aren't you criticizing Microsoft?

Oh yeah, cause Microsoft is perfect. duh /sarcasm

They're selling an SKU that is incompatible with 360 games out of the box. They have a 60gb, one without an HDD, and a 120gb one and all Sony really has is a 160gb one and an 80gb one which replaced the 40gb one. No matter what PS3 you get you're compatible with every PS3 game. Bundles include a game. What's confusing about that?

Omega43792d ago

Because 80% of the articles on this site are ps3 related so its kinda hard to ignore all of them

And i havnt been first to post on that many articles, im sure its not more than 3

Not to mention conflicting opinions is what makes this site interesting, especially if they are justified and not plain old fanboyism

LastDance3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

atleast sony's sku's are consistent with important features. nothing is worse then microsoft NOT putting a Harddrive in one of the sku's.


And yes..F microsoft for axing ensemble

Edit: a$$-divine...thats not imperitive...

Omega....none of that has anything to do with game design....

But the basics are still there. Blu ray, hard drive, HDMI, Optical cable. 1 sku without a hardrive is much worse.

lagoonalight3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )


a year old game just happens to be one of the best most technologically advanced games on the market with DS3 and 160GB

I am almost envious of this with my BC MGS 80gb

obviously only a fanboy could come up with that snide remark

I watch blurays and guess what guys blurays are the ******* ****!!

DVD's can rot in hell for all I care

and so can the 360

bluray finally approaches what true 35mm film can do

dvd is not even close, and that craptastic dvd player in the ps2 and 360 doesn't deserve anything but the shelf

thank god for sony and bluray

saved my films from desecration

Omega43792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

What are you talking about, Sony took away BC, SD cards, USB slots oh and did i forget BC!!!!!

MS have only added features, HDMI, more GB and a memory card to the HD less Core version



avacadosnorkel3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

who wants to still play PS2 games when there is a whole new generation of games?

...on a side note, retro HD titles are an ammusing waste of money (ask Xbox Live owners) but once you have the ability to play with the better technology, only the compulsive shopper/gamer gets excited about a game released back in the days.

poopsack3792d ago

I seem to recall that sony did these things to drop their price while microsoft just increased theres. SOny didnt add anything else because they had those features since day one.

FaSeCeX3792d ago

i have the 60gb sku that first came out..i hardly ever play ps2 games..i leave that for..well the ps2 in another room...but seriously when u have games like cod4 gt5 skate n etc..y would u pull out a ps2 game to play?
2 of my 4 usb ports get used..sometimes 3..1 to charge a dead controller (have 4 of them) other for the eye..n then occasionally i have to use my flash drive (movies pics n crap) and the SD card slots..mine just collect dust..i seriously dont c the reason to have them any how
so for sony to take out BC is no're not missing out on anything new, just old crap...2 usb ports is really all u use..SD slots a useless feature
i just wish they had added hdmi...oh wait, its been there from the beginning..the only thing needed to add is more GB n no im not your "hardcore" gamer

gaffyh3792d ago

@Omega4 you really are a complete retard. Maybe if you took your head out of MS' ass long enough you'd realise that both Sony and MS do the same thing, but more importantly MS actually ripoff the consumer way more (i.e. you have to buy MS HDD, MS play and charge kit which should have come with the controller, MS composite cable, MS Power brick (both ends), MS Memory card).

The value in the PS3 (even if it costs more than the 360), is much more than the value in the 360. Don't believe me? look how much it costs Sony to make 1 PS3 and how much they sell it off for (especially when they first launched).

Unlike MS who have been selling 20Gb SKU for a couple of years and have not changed the HDD (meaning the people that are buying them at launch and those buying them now were all getting OLD technology), Sony has been upgrading the HDD slowly meaning the PS3 has more value for money to the consumer

PimpHandStrong3792d ago

you do understand the only difference in SKU for the PS3 is harddrive right? You do understand harddrives are not free?

The only one confused is you

NipGrip3792d ago

Cry more about your sad state of affairs? You are really showing your sadness and insecurity with your investment with every post you make. Keep it up though, you definitely don't know when to quit making yourself look foolish and it is entertaining.

IdleLeeSiuLung3792d ago

Here are a few things to consider:

- Who is ripping you off, when Wii cost more than the Xbox 360 and does less? Wii has almost non-existent online play and charge you for both the nunchuk and the wiimote.
- Who has the lousiest SKU lineup? MS has 3-skus differentiating mainly between Elite includes large hard drive with HDMI cables, premium with standard hard drive and arcade with memory card. All Sku's come with component and composite cables. PS3 has 2-skus differentiating only in hard drive size and chrome trimming. To me at least it seems like the Xbox 360 gives you an upgrade in experience if you upgrade (online and DLC content), but gives you the basic functionality of a console in Arcade.
- Someone complained about how you had to buy the play & charge kit for the 360. This is the one thing MS did right, you don't have to buy their play & charge kit! You can buy regular rechargeable batteries and replace them in the middle of the game instead of charging it with a short cable. What a concept? You don't have to buy or open up your controller with a screwdriver to replace said batteries.

I focused a lot on the positives of the 360 mainly because I prefer my 360 and the mostly negative opinions of the 360 here. There are negative things about the 360 as well. I'm not a fanboy and want all consoles, but the Wii (I hate the Wii) to do equally well as it is good for consumers with competition. I said it before, look what happened when Sony was dominating and now Nintendo. In both cases we got little innovation.

Finally, I want to point out that both Sony and MS does the same, they rip you off as much as they can. It is their job as a company to do that. Difference is MS rips you off in the long run and Sony rips you off up front.

BiggDaddy3113791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

I love how you 360 fanboys love to forget that the arcade doesn't come with a headset. Or rhe fact that not one of the MS SKUs comes with wifi which even the dog on Wii has. And unlike sony both the headset Harddrive and Wifi are all proprietary meaning you can only buy MS version.
I love the Sony gets you up front and MS gets you long term. Probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You do realize that MS makes you pay for Live right not just once but every year? Dude you should buy this bundle then come back here and say honestly you felt like you got ripped bc I garuntee when you relize that when you bring that 360 home outta the box you will be real surprised to learn that your not done paying MS for that day.

Let's be honest for once and say the 360 does have one distinct advantage IT CAN EASILY BE MODDED!!! Horay for Pirates!!

The gaming GOD3791d ago

"Because 80% of the articles on this site are ps3 related so its kinda hard to ignore all of them"

Ok, now that is a very weak excuse. Are you saying you're "compelled" to comment. You make it sound more like an addiction that you need to satisfy.

"And i havnt been first to post on that many articles, im sure its not more than 3"

If you say so

"Not to mention conflicting opinions is what makes this site interesting, especially if they are justified and not plain old fanboyism"

Omega, just stop it. You know damn well you have a bias against the ps3. Every time they do anything in your eyes, they're wrong. And no matter what MS does, to you it's a good call. Yeah I agree that conflicting opinions are a good thing when they aren't plain old fanboyism. But you don't give those kinds of comments and you know it

oOLightOo3791d ago

Dude it's called making a profit, otherwise they'd burn to the ground and we would'nt even be playing any consoles.
Ripping is a term used if the price of the item is way overpriced thats not reasonable. and Sony was losing money on each console they sold back during the lauch period of the PS3 and it was tagged at $600.

Death3791d ago

I know of only one game that is not compatable with the 360 Arcade out of the box. That is FFXI which requires a very large download/install. Other than that, can someone else name a retail game that is not compatable? Sure, you may miss out on some DLC, but the market the Arcade is geared at isn't interested in DLC yet. If they do want to download DLC, movies, TV shows or alot of Arcade games, they have the option to buy a HDD and slap it on later.


ape0073791d ago

uncharted is one hell of a game


one of the best games this gen

DaTruth3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Since when is lying out of your a$$ an opinion. Buying a crappy system that breaks down, having bad feelings about your choice and then spewing off at the mouth about the other is also not an opinion. It's amazing what passes for an opinion here. Every time I see someone telling bald faced lies (e.g.multiplats look as good as Sony exclusives) they pass it off as opinion. IT'S NOT AN OPINION IT'S A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And blatant fanboyism!

ShinMaster3791d ago

You don't even know what an SKU is.
360 has more SKUs than PS3.

A bundle is not an SKU. A different SKU would be a change in hard-drive, i.e.
This would only be the fith.

360 has the Pro/Premium, Arcade, Elite, Core(no hard-drive), Halo Edition, etc.
Let's not forget that the Core and Arcade versions have NO BC and NO hard-drive.

Death3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Technically, bundles are SKU's since the retail SKU is different, but for the sake of arguement, here are the different configurations available.

360 SKU's:

1. Pro 20 gig
2. Core
3. Elite 120 gig
4. Arcade (repackaged Core w/wireless controller and Arcade games and an MU.)
5. Halo Edition 20 gig (same as a 20 gig Pro, but in a limited edition color)
6. Pro 60 gig (same as the 20 gig Pro, but now with 60 gigs of storage)


1. 20 gig (Full B/C)
2. 60 gig (Full B/C)
3. 80 gig (Mostly B/C)
4. 40 gig (No B/C, less USB and no memory card readers)
5. 40 gig MGS Edition (No B/C)
6. 80 gig (No B/C)
7. 160 gig (No B/C)

The confusion with the PS3 SKU's come from the fact features have been changed as the system is re-released. Backwards compatability and storage options have been removed along with a couple USB ports. The console has gotten cheaper and features have been removed. This causes confusion especially when you release 2 completely different 80 gig SKU's.

All 360 SKU's have the identical console at it's core. The only differance from SKU to SKU besides the obvious color differnances are the accessories included in the box. Any Core or Arcade can be turned into a Pro or Elite with the right accessories. Backwards compatability is the same with every console, but a HDD is required for the Arcade or Core in order to download it.


p.s. This is always a fun read:

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zimbo0073792d ago

ps3 will be on fire in october, november and december

B-Rein3792d ago

wen lbp comes out especially ;)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3792d ago

The xBox 360 has been on Fire in many Homes!!! ;-D


bouncybullet3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Not with that price tag.

LBP will not sell consoles.


If they want wii games they'll buy the wii.

Veryangry_bot3791d ago

Xbot scum above admits he is a broke ass welfare leech hahaha.

Why dont you fking wake up.
Resistance 2
Killzone 2
God of war 3
Heavy Rain
DC Universe
Gran Turismo
Shadow of the colossus 2

Why dont you wake the fk up, xbot. With this many triple As and revolutionary games, the PS3 is bound to become number 1. YOURE FKED if you dont have a PS3 soon. And thats the only reality there is. Crying over its price, wont change any of this. I suggest you up your finances mofo. MacDonalds, Wal Mart, Burger King, Wendy's, they always hiring kids.

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morganfell3792d ago

More important than being a Mover and Shaker it is now at 29 on the best seller list:

ass_divine3792d ago

Remember what happened last time you spouted that drivel?

Your setting yourself up for another fall, making your username even more ironic.

morganfell3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Thanks baseball. He also didn't see my follow up post to the issue to which he is referring.

Amazon has proven itself a good litmus far far more times than not. His kind get one error and they act like it is a precedent when the actual precedent proves Amazon is a worthwhile marker. He seems to conveniently forget all the times I "spouted that drivel" and was proven correct. Of course the one time I was wrong I didn't hide and stepped up and posted about it and took it right on the chin.

Quite unlike him and his type that slunk away into the shadows each and every time I and Amazon were correct. Oh well, one more for the ignore pile.

juuken3791d ago

Uh-oh baseball...I heard silence after you posted that. o.o

SCThor3791d ago

I dont care if it don't come bundle with any game or HDD..just give me one SKU that wont die on me.

BTW, we are one month away to Xbox 360 total destruction derby...when the 3 years warranty expires.

darthv723791d ago

"BTW, we are one month away to Xbox 360 total destruction derby...when the 3 years warranty expires."

Why is it that people forget that it only applies from the MFG date on the console? Meaning if you got one in June of 07 that the warranty is good until June of 2010. So maybe for those with Nov 05 and Dec 05 systems (myself is Dec05) their RROD warranty is up this year but for others it continues until their MFG mo/yr has been matched to 3 years.

Just trying to clear that up for ya.

DaTruth3791d ago

Lets see them defend the RROD after Micro$uck stops replacing them for free. This is probably the reason 360 outsold PS3 last month, it has already begun. The Real Reason for the price cut!!

ass_divine3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Amazon is not a good sales indicator for the US, plain and simple!

morganfell has been going on about Amazon sales for a long time.

Despite the fact the PS3 has only outsold the 360 5 times since it launched in November 2006!

It will be interesting to see if Sony can even compete in the US, for the rest of the year.

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zimbo0073792d ago

with LBP icon?

I hope ur console stays alive till Oct 21st. cuz after that day x360 wont be found on the shelves

dont be surprised if LBP scores 10/10 at metacritic

DeZimatoR3792d ago

That 'year old' game is better than anything other consoles have, or will ever have ;)

Oh, and tripling the HHD size from 20 to 60 GB isn't the same as doubling it from 80 to 160 GB now is it?