Kotaku Skyrim VR Port Is A 'Complete Dumpster Fire'

It's clear that Bethesda is going to squeeze every last dollar it can out of Skyrim.

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Kribwalker2513d ago

""Adding insult to injury, it looks like they had to lower all the settings to "garbage mode" to get it working in VR."

Pretty happy I've sat out VR to this point...

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gangsta_red2513d ago


It appears this might be the worse version of Skyrim to own.
It seems PSVR just can't handle a game like Skyrim, without dumbing everything down to make it VR accessible.

SpinalRemains1382512d ago

Which is laughable considering that Skyrim by default is technically one of the worst running game. So many bugs and such.

gangsta_red2512d ago

Bethesda should have just made an off brand Oblivion game tailored to VR's strengths instead of trying to do some type of direct port.

VR shouldn't be the dumping grounds for bad ports

Bigpappy2513d ago

Well they also jumped on Phil Spenser for saying VR was not ready for primetime. Looks like he was correct. I was thinking Bethesda might finally make good use of the tech as they have several patents around VR. But here we are with more proof that VR is still in pre-alpha stage. Thanks for waiting Phil.

xX-oldboy-Xx2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

oh and Phil - cheers for 2 iterations of Kinect. Sorry Phil I nearly forgot, thank you also for 'FORCING' your fans to buy it if they wanted to upgrade to your new console. Dud tech getting 'FORCED' onto potential buyers. But thanks Phil.

PSVR is good tech, is it the best VR headset - no. But if you've played Resident evil on it, you won't go back to 2D. And some of the games are fun.

It's a shame that SKYRIM isn't looking the best, but just the way things go sometimes. Look at Crackdown 3 for example.

Michiel19892513d ago

What does Kinect have to do with this?
This is about Bethesda making a garbage VR game(apparently), not which console maker fucked over their consumer the most.

this is N4g basically now. bunch of ps4 loving bisnatches jerking eachother off. Sad, it used to actually have some good news and leaks. All there is now is redundant opinion pieces and guys like oldboy shifting every topic to MS did this, MS did that.

So you don't care that the company that you love so much puts out a shitty port of a great game? at that point ur not a fan anymore, just blinded by fanboyism.

Even you as fanboy can't even say the games are good on PSVR, 'And some games are fun' ranslates into 'i hoped for greatness but its actually pretty shitty, ah well gotta say something to not discredit sony 2 much'

Jmanzare2513d ago

That was mattrick
When Phil was in charge that is when there were bundles with and without the kinect

OB1Biker2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Your the only one jumping on Phil for no reason here haha
The article has nothing to do with that guy

xX-oldboy-Xx2513d ago

Michael - it was all in response to Bigpappy. Come on mate the biggest pricks on N4G are Xbox owners, all the people above are Xbox owners. I doubt they have owned a PlayStation console.

The comparison was made with Kinect because it was a failure in reality. An absolute dud.

It's amazing how shitty people get when a few truths smack'em in the face. I actually hate Bethesda, they are one of a few companies that get a free pass. Their games are too ambitious and need longer development times.

Neonridr2513d ago

@oldboy - again, what does Kinect have anything to do with VR? They aren't even in the same realm. Compare the Kinect sensor to the PS4 camera if you want.. since they do very similar things. I think that is the point that people are bringing up here. The comment about Phil was in regards to VR. You bringing up the failure of Kinect to help make you feel better doesn't change that simple fact.

Edito2513d ago

He was right but you know Microsoft they are always late to the party, Playstation and Sony introduced most of the goodies we are enjoying now, DVD, Blu Ray, etc. and they brought VR to mainstream when Mictosoft decide that now it's ready it will be again too late for the and they will continue playing the catch up game...

Sony and others who went the VR route are learning and they will come on top on the prime time MS is talking...

xX-oldboy-Xx2513d ago

Neonridr - strip all the rhetoric from my comment.

What does an average game have to do with the success of VR?

Kribwalker2513d ago

I had a ps2/PS3/ and currently own a PS4. You can go right ahead and look me up. Same username.

"What does an average game have to do with the success of VR?"
When it's meant to be a game that drives adoption of VR (they are only just over 1 million units right now on a 60+million install base) and it seems terrible it's not gonna look good on VR as a whole.

Michiel19892513d ago

I realize that you responded to bigpappy, and guess what? it seems he is right about phil, VR has been lackluster so far and Phil kind of predicted it.

I really never see xbox owners trying to discredit Sony as badly as vice versa. I don't care which console is your favorite, even is its the Atari Jaguar, there is no reason to flame one company on every topic (even if the topic is not even about them).

I'm actually surprised i got as many upvotes as I did, normally when i don't talk about ps4 like it's a machine send from heaven i get way more downvotes than upvotes.

Hanilugtehul2513d ago

wow phil told you vr was not ready so you choose to not support because he said so? i have the psvr and its been worth every penny,if i could afford it i would support vive and oculus but i dont have the time or cash. And that bs about the techs not there yet just blows my mind, every tech ever create startet somewhere and it grew because people supporting the tech. standing on the sideline complaining is not helping anybody. I wanted Xbox too support vr but they dont yet and thats a shame, i would have bought the Xbox one x day 1 if it had it,but it dont, partly because off complainers like you. try vr yourself an make up you own opinion instead off listening to a ceo from big corporation. Peace:)

subtenko2513d ago

There are a good portion of primetime VR games for just being out in a year. Was xbox not ready for primetime because it had a crappy launch of 'exclusives' compared to ps4? Oh wait, it still barely has any actual exclusives and been that way for years, was Xbox not ready for gaming? No, whoever makes the deals and releases PR on team xbox was not ready, thats who....and people like you...

Kribwalker2513d ago


What the heck is that gibberish about? Xbox had more launch exclusives then the ps4 did and had more exclusives over the first while of the consoles. Have they had a dry spell? Yeah sure they have. Has it been bad, yeah obviously as you can see with the sales this year slowing, but it still has had lots of games.

And saying there have been plenty of "prime time VR games out" thats a lie. There has only been a few good VR games and definitely they haven't been worth the admission price or more people would have bought it then the 1 million they are sitting at right now

mkis0072513d ago

Waiting on new tech is not how you get good at creating it, and definitely not how you make it "ready". If everyone waited VR would have died. It has to have its own jumping off point just like consoles themselves did.

No, the reason Phil didn't support VR, is he couldn't. Not enough studios to dedicate the manpower.

Ashlen2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Wait... as I recall when PSVR was launching Phil was telling you they would have VR, it was only later they backed down.

Your trying to re-write history to downplay one of the biggest instances of double talk.

Death2512d ago


SegaCD and Phillips CDi did it before Sony. Sony was the first to market with DVD if we ignore PC. When the original Xbox launched the year after PS2, it features a DVD player as well as a HDD and broadband only connection. Sony was first to market withBlu-ray with the PS3. Oddly Sony stopped supporting cutting edge storage formats with PS4. Only Xbox offers UHDBR playback.

HDD's, broadband gaming, chat, achievements, and friends lists all happened on Xbox before PlayStation.

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JohnnyPremo2513d ago

I have oculus rift and it is insane. Maybe psvr is bad or just bad for this game but you shouldn't write off VR. As a gamer um telling you it is legit. If you don't believe me thats okay but boy are you missing out

Exoil2513d ago

PSVR is not bad at all. What we have here is a demo of a game not built for VR that's still in development to adapt it to VR.
Look at games like Dirt VR, Dick Wilde, Farpoint, Resident Evil 7 and so on and you'll see what the PSVR can do :-)

VR is the future and the future is already here with PSVR, Rift and Vive

Michiel19892513d ago

The thing I am disappointed about is that the VR only gets VR games, no normal experiences set in vr with a new way of playing them (physical motions or w/e). Gotta say I didn't pay much attention to VR lately so there might already be some normal games that got VR'd.

I'm really not interested in VR games, I wan't the games I play normally with a new way of playing and experiencing them. Untill they do that well, I'm not going to buy VR.

Uken122512d ago

VR is not the future. It hasn't been tested in any way really. Especially heath effects. I got sick from one hour. Also VR cuts people off from actual life completely. So, not the future.

Thatguy-3102513d ago

what did ppl expect? Did ppl rally think that bethesda a studio that releases broken games will deliver a quality VR game??

Imalwaysright2513d ago

As if there were many quality VR games in the 1st place.