An Unreal announcement: UT for 360

If you ever doubted that the next incarnation of Unreal Tournament was coming to the 360, you have been proven incorrect in your judgement. Announced by Epic, they are developing the game for the PS3, PC and, oh yes, the Xbox 360. Originally titled "Unreal Tournament 2007?, it has now received a name change as well. The game is now called "Unreal Tournament 3?, despite this being the fourth game in the UT series.

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uuuunvnv25226d ago

why in the world would epic not make the game for 360? unless sony was the pub., and they arent.

Funky Town_TX5226d ago

I'm not a UT fan myself, but any fool can see that epic will sale 2 mill on 360 very easy. Just don't release this game will Halo 3 comes out. I will be playing nothing else when Halo 3 drops.

specialguest5226d ago

Epic and 360 are like bestfriends, who didn't see this coming?

Rooted_Dust5226d ago

It should still be called UT 2007 for PC because there was no UT 1 or 2 on PC.

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