Xbox One X: Microsoft "Confident" that Comparisons Will Convince Gamers of the Value of the Console

Microsoft is confident that the community will produce plenty of comparisons between Xbox One X and other platforms, convincing gamers of its potential.

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XiNatsuDragnel2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Oh boy Microsoft let's see rather than talking. Because so far Xbox 1 X is a powerful console that keeps up to claim but at the same time the lineup they've is quite sparse.

Abriael2523d ago

Isn't that exactly the point?

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thekhurg2523d ago


Let the existing xbone owners who have upgraded get their purchases, then see what the lasting appeal for the console is. MS has about 20 million worldwide hardcore fans for their platform. That's about it.

r2oB2523d ago

@ deception

what proof? Microsoft said that the Xbox One X pre order allocation was for a weeks worth of sales, but sold out in a day, which is really good. But can that been indicative of proof of anything when you consider what the actual amount could be? Lets say Microsoft sells 200k Xbox Ones a month, a weekly supply would be 50k. Now Microsoft admits they anticipate the Xbox One X selling far less than the Xbox One, so a weekly allocation for that would be less than 50K. Of course these figures arent exact, more of an assumption, but not an unreasonable one. So when looking at the potential raw number of below 50K consoles sold for pre order, it doesnt seem as spectacular as saying "console pre orders selling out" (without giving any actual figures).

mwjw6962523d ago


36mil consoles sold not 20mil. MS UK leaked those numbers. But what ever you people want to tell yourself.

PistolsAtDawn2523d ago

@Kurg Current X1 sales are mid to high 30 mil...but if you are mad about X1 owners upgrading, then you should also be taking away all Pro sales away from Sony.

As far as how many consoles MS has sold so far...I honestly have no clue, but I do know that it's trending the right way and that more X1X's have already been sold than all PS4 Pros for the entire year according to Amazon...so whatever the pre-order cap was, it's higher than that ( I do get that it's easy to be mislead by a statement like that though...comparing Launch sales to year after launch sales...but still it's at least a sign of how many they have sold, and impressive that they have already sold more than 8 months worth of PS4 Pros).

kitsune4512523d ago

I mean, we could make the comparison videos right now if we wanted to. Put all the PS4 exclusives on the left and a black screen on the right.

Unspoken2523d ago

Is it November yet? Oh can't wait.

Dis gonna be good!

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lelo2play2523d ago

Well, since Microsoft doesn't have the exclusives, the only way to sell the console is by showing people that XB1X is the best console to play multiplatform games.

conanlifts2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

This is such a tired argument. Of course it has exclusives, it just has less. Just like nier and no mans sky are exclusives for ps4. Otherwise if you discount pc games then instead of over 500 exclusives the ps4 has around 100. Personally i think 500 ps4 console exclusives sounds better.
Plus what about the ps4 games coming to psnow. I can play these on pc so are they no longer exclusives, because people you keep saying games on pc do not count.

EDIT:- Of course reading your comment again you might simply mean they do not have the best games, if so my response was possibly a bit random.

denawayne2523d ago

@XiNatsuDragnel - "but at the same time the lineup they've is quite sparse." The X doesn't just play exclusives. In also plays multi-plat games, too. And they look better than any other console. This is a major selling point. Especially for online gamers. COD, BF, GTA, sports, racing

MegamanXXX2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

There was an article that said COD and Destiny 2 won't take advantage of the One X power because the devs are lazy unfortunately

sizeofyou2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

So the X has the best console version - like for the last 3 years, the PS4 AND the PS4 Pro has. But XB1 could play multi like the PS4 could - and people still enjoyed them. Only the PS4 had exclusives too - so it was best for the gamer. Now the PS4 has slightly less superior versions to X on all console multi plats but still has all the exclusives. Frankly, its in a far better position than ANY XB. Buy one console, there is only choice. Mad about games, spread the load across different consoles...
It's all fairly obvious.
I hope the XBX is successful and puts pressure on Sony to improve further. Competition is healthy for all of us...

denawayne2523d ago

Ok but I'm sure they're still going to look better on the X than a standard Xbox One. And load faster. My point was that fanboys keep downplaying the X because MS has no exclusives but it really doesn't need exclusives to get people to buy it. Would it help? Sure but it has other things going for it.

Bigpappy2523d ago

@MegamanXXX: If there is such and article, they are lying to you. Those developers are far from lazy.

My advise would be to wait until those games are released and judge for yourself. The only ones who know for sure how these games will look on the X, are the developers and publishers.

showtimefolks2523d ago


you do know sony has exclusive marketing for fifa right? and you do understand that both COD and destiny 2 will look and play the same on pro and x right?

it's simply amazing how many gamers refuse to understand business 101. Why would any publisher piss off 65 million ps4 users by making their games look/play worst on ps4 when that is their bread and butter? you guys do understand that ps4 moves the most software of all the launched platforms right

what is more likely to happen ps4 getting to 100 million(currently around 65 million)
or xbox to 50 million(currently around 30 million)

that in it self should tell you where the publishers stand and will support in future

once again proving MS needs to show their own games taking full advantage of X some sony has done with it's exclusives

in a perfect world every publisher/developer would take full advantage of all platforms but that's not reality because it has to make business sense. you think something having exclusive marketing and exclusive early/timed exclusives dlc will look worst on that console? be practical and look at it from publishers point of view one system has double the install base and than some and is selling world wide

i know these thing on n4g or most gaming sites don't matter as groups have their own agendas but to publishers it's all about making the most money and money team is sony/ps4 (no pun intended to floyd should have lost haha)

yellowgerbil2523d ago

Wrong, the selling point to online gamers is full lobbies. Which Xbox is so desperate for they are begging Sony to share

freshslicepizza2523d ago

"you do know sony has exclusive marketing for fifa right? and you do understand that both COD and destiny 2 will look and play the same on pro and x right? it's simply amazing how many gamers refuse to understand business 101. Why would any publisher piss off 65 million ps4 users by making their games look/play worst on ps4 when that is their bread and butter? you guys do understand that ps4 moves the most software of all the launched platforms right"

Sony may try and shelter its users from allowing them to play online against other console gamers but they cannot hide the fact that those games will already look and play better on the PC.

denawayne2523d ago

All these arguments yet I'm still buying an X. Pretty amazing right?

rainslacker2523d ago

Doesn't Sony have the exclusive content for a time with half those games though....along with GT for the racing, which looks to have a much bigger MP focus than Forza does? No say when the next GTA game is coming out, but I doubt the current incarnation is going to have that much affect on player console preference. Sports....the casual market which mostly makes up that market isn't likely to drop $400-500 on a console just to play them.

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343_Guilty_Spark2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

DF already has done these comparisons and so far the X looks substantially better than the Pro in several games. As more time goes on we will see more games that look and perform
Better than the Pro. Look the X is straight up more powerful. No need to constantly downplay. They are both great pieces of technology.

MegamanXXX2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

A little better not enough to spend $500 buck's without first party exclusives

ninsigma2523d ago

I knew this would happen. No doubt games look better on x and we all knew it would but "substantially" better is hugely hyperbolic and not true.

xsta1ker2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

@Magamanxxx you mean not your kind of 1st party exclusives right?

rainslacker2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

You mean the comparison where they said it'd be interesting to compare the two console's games in the future?

Yeah, some comparison there.