BioShock PlayStation 3 demo gameplay

New gameplay video from Bioshock PS3 demo. Enjoy.

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MrWonderful3788d ago

after playing the ps3 demo. i thought it looked diffrent form the 360 version of the game. imo i thought it looked better than the 360 version.

strotee3788d ago

I can't compare it to the 360 version (never played it), but after being spoiled by MGS4 and Uncharted, I thought the PS3 demo was a letdown graphically. I'm sure it looked good last year, but the bar has been raised since then and the game feels a tad antiquated.

Funky Town_TX3788d ago

I agree. When this game was release long ago it was great as far as GFX. But since other games have been released this now looks dated. I think that the sales will reflect this.

IzKyD13313788d ago

quit nitpicking.....and stop comparing everything to MGS4, because their 2 completely different games
the demo was awesome: the water, lighting, cinematic feel, etc. were all great(and im only talking about the demo)

vickers5003788d ago

"but after being spoiled by MGS4 and Uncharted, I thought the PS3 demo was a letdown graphically. I'm sure it looked good last year, but the bar has been raised since then and the game feels a tad antiquated."

LMAO thats funny. Tell us another one!

chasuk083788d ago

The graphics imo were good, but they werent as sharp as uncharted which has unbelivable textures and great anti aliasing.

And dont forget bishock 360 and uncarted came out the same year, so you cant blame advances in graphics as they were released roughly a month or 2 apart.

uie4rhig3788d ago

the original version was actually released last year... so quit complaining..

i for one loved the demo...

vickers5003788d ago

You cant really compare BioShocks graphics with MGS4's or Uncharted's graphics. BioShocks graphics are the best in its category, which is an underwater dystopian otherworld. The foliage of the level Arcadia was beautiful, and to me, beats uncharted's whole forest, but that's just my opinion. Uncharted would win the whole "foliage" theme though. MGS4 is best at the desert/metal theme. But BioShock by far has the best water in a game yet.

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Mr PS33788d ago

Then Deleted it
Thought it was Crap
Looked like an old Cartoon
But it does say a lot about the limits of the Xbox
I mean the Bots at the Time said this Game had amazing Visuals
Sorry but a year ago we had Better looking Games than this and these games still hold thier own today and still look better than anything the Xbox has to offer
And a Year on Biocrud looks old and dated
But Hey to the Bots this is still one of the best looking games on their crappy console
Sucks to be a BoT
You can keep this Pile of Crap

TheXgamerLive3788d ago

Your missing out on one of the greatest games ever b/c of it.

IzKyD13313788d ago

dude, quit being a tool, the demo was awesome

bouncybullet3788d ago


Game of the Year '07.

piece of crap.

It's still better than anything on the PS3.

PS3 lovers have this problem where graphics are the only thing that matters in games.

But then they jerk off to beanie babies running back and forth.

3788d ago
HairyBrownSack3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

HAhahahaHAHHAHAHah that's because they HAVE to!

pooooor droids once again pretending not to care about one of the greatest games of all time SIMPLY because they, once again, got the inferior version :(

poooooor underpowered BS3..... :(

juuken3788d ago

bouncybullet, you dumbf*ck.

Get rid of that avatar. You put even Solid Snake to shame.

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Agent VX3788d ago

Yep, I have to say, I am a little disappointed with the PS3 graphics, they just look a little wasted out!!! No big difference, but with the amount of extra time they had, you think they could of made it a little better instead of worse.

Most likely due to the limitations of the PS3, they had to cut somethings out just to keep the framerates up.

Pixel_Addict3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

There was nothing "cut" from the PS3's version. Explain what was cut and how can you determine what they cut in a short demo? I've played the 360 and the PC version of Bioshock and they all look the same across the board (well PC is better of coarse, but barely).

2K did not have 'extra time' for development. What the 2K studio's did in a year was translate the 360 code into PS3 code (which is VERY different). The development for PS3's Bioshock was not for new code it was just a port. They didn't completely rewrite code for Bioshock, they just translated it to run on PS3 hardware. I downloaded the demo yesterday and it looks every bit as good the 360 version, especially given that it was a port... and they did it within a year.

What do you care anyway? You probably don't own a PS3 and if you did well then you are a moron for wasting your money for something you don't like. You are a bitter person for just slamming a game you've probably haven't even played yourself just so you can justify your 360 purchase. If you don't like the PS3 just go sit your trolling butt infront of your 360 and make use of that 50 bucks you're paying (for something you've already bought no less).

and another thing, what limitations? Explain to us in your own words how the PS3 architecture is limited? Explain to us how 8 core processer is less efficient than a 3 core? Don't just cut and pace some professional 360 fanboy's comments, show me YOUR research. Don't forget that software programming has yet to catch up with multi-core processors. When programmers are allowed to develop souly on a specific platform you get games like Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, Resistance 2, and Gears of War.

Also, Bioshock runs off of the Unreal 3 engine, and Unreal 3 on the the PS3 looks exactly the same as the 360 version that was released OVER a year later.

The gaming GOD3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

That comment was kinda hardcore. But I agree with you.

2K themselves didn't take a single thing away from the ps3 version. No graphical prowess was taken away / compensated for. No content was taken away / compensated for. All they did was add things. But if you want to talk about limitations, you hear developers (not fans) say certain games can only be done on the ps3 much more than you hear them say it can only be done on the 360.

Now personally, I'm not buying this game. When this game was first rumored to come to the ps3 I consistently said "let them keep that exclusive". This game doesn't appeal to me from when I played the pc version. But hey, everyone likes different things. So you'll never hear me say the game sucks. It just isn't for me is all. Besides, the timing of this game is really poor with all the other things coming out this year

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