Ten Little Xbox 360 Sitting in Their Graves... and Counting

That's right, after a particularly good run Brian Crecente had another Xbox 360 die on him. This time a debug unit.

While the instances of Xbox 360 red rings have certainly dropped, he still heard stories about the console's DVD player giving up the ghost. That's what happened to him in July last year when his last 360 died and that seems to be the case this time around. He was playing the end of LEGO Batman The Videogame when the game paused and a "dirty disc" error popped up on the screen. A few more runs at playing the game allowed him to get a few minutes in before the console crapped out on him again.

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Killjoy30003791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

This is just another tragic RROD tale to join the rest of the thousands and thousands. It's just a shame that mainstream electronics can actually to stumble this hard on their faces.

BattleAxe3790d ago

Come on Microsoft, fix the damn problem!!!

Will_Smith3790d ago

Its boggles the mind really, What if SAMSUNG had a HDTV that was known to have defects and breakdowns but instead of replacing it they just keep sending you the same HDTV but a little fixed... People would go ape sh*t.

What REAL electronic consumer lets a company rape them like this.

You paid your 300+ dollars for a gaming system, you are entitled to a class action lawsuit against Microsoft untill they recall all of them and then fix the problem once and for all... but no... you are all mesmerized my Microsofts money too see how you are getting the low end of the stick.


boggles the mind

~ Hancock on Blu-Ray High Definition this Holiday

gaffyh3790d ago

Kotaku is so Pro-MS, MS should give this guy a Gold Xbox 360 with nitrogen cooling before he changes sides like the Zune guy lol.

juuken3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

I would get a 360 if only they'd fix the damn problem. That's why the 360 is bashed like this. Some people are not willing to put down cash for something that's likely to break within months or one year.

Let me add something here...I DO NOT HATE THE 360 COMPLETELY. I just hate the fact that it's been two years, going on three and *yet* you still hear stories about people having issues with the system. I am not fond of Microsoft but they did a better job with the 360. They're trying to be more diverse in their lineup and knowing the original XBox, it was seen as a shooter console.

I am scared until this day to get a 360 because I don't want any problems with it. I don't want to feel as if I wasted my money.

zypher3790d ago

i got my first 360 in April of '06, but had to trade it in by Nov. '06 (financial issues). i got my second one little more than a year ago. neither my first one nor my current one has given me problems; while the 360 has some good games, they aren't THAT good to make me buy/repair the system three or four (let alone ten) times. i seriously hope mine never rrods, because if it does them i might go from a PSwii60 owner to just a PSWii owner. i don't believe in buying faulty products more than once or twice, and at the expense of sounding like a judgemental fanboy, i can't fathom how any gamer, no matter how diehard, would.

Dmitry Orlov3790d ago

Sonyboys, aren't you just TIRED of finding them?
Thanks to your efforts EVERYONE already knows everything about RROD. There is NO NEED in these stories.
Especially, when this story is no news at all.

IdleLeeSiuLung3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

For every RROD console, there are others that are working fine after all these years.

There is no doubt the older consoles had issues, but I think the newer ones with the Falcon Motherboard has been improved. These failures are most likely old consoles or refurbished consoles.

There are no excuse from MS for the higher than usual percentage of defect, but they have extended the warranty. As I said before, this is obviously not a business model and MS paid dearly... RROD stories are getting old now though!

beavis4play3790d ago

what happens when someones 360 goes RROD after the warranty expires? hmmmmmm.....yea, we'll see how happy people are then.

Wakka_3790d ago

Boom! Like happy festival fireworks, ya?



Right to the point.

The big problem in old 360 still getting problems is exctly the "still" part. Remember, 360 is about to make its 3rd anniversary and those consoles are still breaking. Who gonna pay for MS's mistakes next year? The constumer.

And to be pretty fair, it's not restrict to old models. After falcon comes i said to my sister that she could indeed give a 360 to my nephew. The damn thing has RRODed on her with 3 months (I personally checked the space for ventilation and teached the kids and her to play it, go through the dashboard - we are brazilians, they don't speak english).

Not saying it's a 360 eclusive problem, I keep seeing PS3s of my web frieds getting BD-unit problems more and more often, but not even near the rate I seen it on 360.

I should have a 360 now, I'm crazy about NG2 and Fable 2 (I bought the original Xbox for Fable 1 and I'm a big fan of action/hack'n'slash games) but I just don't feel it's safe to do so. In fact, by what I have seen in the last 3 months, I would shake a bit before taking a PS3, but I really don't want a Wii now, so I would just make it anyway...

I mean, those consoles cost serious money, MS, Sony and Ninty better make shure those things work properly, that they have the lowest fail rate possible. But MS is the only one I seen giving more warranty still not making anything that would really lower their fails (like recalling or major redesigning).

neeharb3790d ago

Mine died on me last week... and i live in india so to fix it i have to ship it to Australia (thats what they told me) and i have to bear one side's shipping thats about 6000Rs(about 140 $)...and a new xbox is about 199 canadian(234$ with tax) so i bought a new one...
an the only reason i bought it is because of the damm game collection i have couldnt throw it in one buys it here in india heck its not also on Ebay india...

AAACE53790d ago

You are right! It shouldn't be happening, and MS shouldn't be allowed to get away with it! But if Sony got away with it , with the Ps2, I guess we can let MS have a pass as well.

I went through 5 Ps2's cause they kept giving out on me! When the first one gave out on me, I called sony, and they told me to get a box and ship it to Farmington Hills, Michigan. And they would send me a bill for repairs. They said the usual repair bill was about $140. So instead, I just traded it in, took the loss and bought another one, and repeated that cycle several times.

I guess I was mesmerized by Sony's money as well?

I dealt with the problem because I like games. And the Ps2 had the games I wanted to play! So now the 360 has taken the place of the Ps2 in my book. Where it has the games I want to play, and has a technical flaw with it's hardware. I will continue buying a new 360 if I need to, because the overall fact remains..."IT HAS THE GAMES I WANNA PLAY!"

I respect the Ps3 for all it's greatness! But having a reliable console with less than a handful of games "I" want to play is worse that having a console that breaks down, but has alot of games I am interested in!

But that's just how I feel!

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Killjoy30003791d ago

I can't even laugh at these stories anymore, as they are just common now. But 10? That's just pure hilarity at its best.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3790d ago

Do you unlock a xbox 360 Achievement for that??? ;-D

Killjoy30003790d ago

No, you're account just RROD'S. (Somehow)

dukadork3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

ken, yeah greatest achievement for a bot
"i was screwed w/o lube 10 times and i still come back for more"

new trophy for ya: silver bubble ;)

Pain3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

How and why and in the name of Any GOD u want ...why do u fools support that company?

Any any AND I MEAN ANY OTHER COMPANY wold have been Strung up and BURNED ALIVE if they allowed that.

and u would be like what was that company again ?? ever hear of ENRON ??

Oner3790d ago

How about just a regular "Joe" that has had more than 10. ALL DOCUMENTED.

morganfell3790d ago

Crecente is a punk and I can't think of anything better happening to him except a fatal auto accident, a new girlfriend of his turning out to be a pre-op transvestite, or the Kotaku servers crashing.

Of course he might like that pre-op bit.

juuken3790d ago

I stopped laughing at them a long time ago.

It's just sad to see people put up with this bullsh*t. I don't care which system it is. I would not put up with something like that.

GiantEnemyLobster3790d ago

A desperate attempt by Sony. They are now making up fake stories about how 'bad' the XBOX®360 console is in order to try and make the ps3 look good. LOL, nice try sony, but again you fail.

morganfell3790d ago

Looks like the Lobster has a lobster's brain. He doesn't know what a pro MS site Kotaku is or how it is a huge joke at sites like Neogaf for the ways in which it finds to bash Sony. Even registered developers at Neogaf have joked about the bashing. He also doesn't know that Crecente runs that pro MS site either.

karlostomy3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Please read below to find out why:

It is a matter of probability.

Assuming the incidence of RROD is 33% (which is not true anymore)
we get:
The probability(having1 RROD) = 33% = 0.33
The Probability(having-10-RROD-in- a-row) = 0.33^10 = 0.000015315

Most would agree, that is very low and is the worst case scenario.


Assuming the incidence of RROD is 10% (more likely, possibly lower)
we get:
The probability(having1 RROD) = 10% = 0.1
The Probability(having-10-RROD-in- a-row) = 0.1^10 = 0.0000000001

DAMN! thats so low it is virtually impossible.

Judging by the multitude of sdf fans who unquestioningly accept the dubious article, some damage has been done, even if its just FUD!

If I were MS, given these probabilities, I'd check the veracity of the article and sue the writer for libel if he is just talking crap!

B-Rein3790d ago

hmmmm i seriousley dont undrerstand y some people prefer the 360 over ps3, ps3 is a well built console (barley any hardware failures) also its feels wayy better tter then the 360, its menu is set out very well and psn looks very attractive, 360s menu (guide and dash board) looks tack (horrible) and those shounds it makes are freakin annoyin i love the ps3s click noise its very quit and sounds just right. also xbox 360 lacks soo much features aswel and media capability soo annoying and ps3 i was online straight away for the 360 i had to wait a month so i cud save up and get the wireless adaptor for £59.99 (thats freakin 2 games).

I bet 360 owners love 360 over ps3 CUS THEY NEVERR OWNED!!! A PS3 and find it to expensive to buy so they decide to bash it till they manage to get 1 and later on decide to switch or be equal, there are more ps3 360 owners that prefer ps3 over all.

morganfell3790d ago

Here I am beating you in the head with the ignore button karl. You are a blithering idiot. Keep up that line of idiocy and I am sure you will go far in life.

I have had 3 already and my 4th is coming since my HALO edition has now locked up 3 times in the past 2 weeks.

Sheer stupidity. How else can I describe someone that lives in such denial? You seem to forget that Microsoft didn't blow a billion bucks on such low odds.

Like everyone else you also don't know what a huge MS fanboy Crecente is or the site that he runs - Kotaku - happens to be a joke on the internet for it's attacks on Sony and it's idiotic defense of Microsoft.

When you have registered EA developers joking about Kotaku attacking MS at the drop of the hat and it is followed by a 15 page diatribe at Neogaf full of people agreeing with this and remarking on Kotaku for their blind allegiance then you can be sure this number 10 incident isn't made up to smear MS. Rather it's simple a case of crappy hardware.

juuken3790d ago


I will ONLY purchase a 360 if the problems are truly fixed and they detach that annoying looking powerbrick. What kind of a console uses that?!

morganfell3790d ago

Well Juuken, I would wait until the 720. And even then I would wait for months after launch. My first 360 was a launch model. I even beat the EB Games Manager onto the list. They are still trying to figure that one out. I bought into the entire MS vision and I was screwed royally for my investment.

When my 4th one dies I am not getting any more. I have months of Live that MS never comped me for even though tracking info shows the 360 was either at the repair facility or in transit. I have DRM issues still. When some of them were solved it was over a year later and now that I have those Live arcade games working no one plays them anymore. Money in the toilet.

The fact that 15 pages of Neogaf were about how Kotaku will create any story to attack Sony while ridiculously defending MS, and even developers know this, it makes such attacks on that moron Crecente claiming he is Sony biased absolutely ridiculous.

karlostomy3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

I didn't deny the rrod existed...

I just highlighted the extremely low probability of getting TEN rrods in a row.

My mistake. It's beyond you, isn't it.
I apologise for expecting intelligent responses.


ambientFLIER3789d ago

"I will ONLY purchase a 360 if the problems are truly fixed and they detach that annoying looking powerbrick. What kind of a console uses that?!"

A friggin powerbrick??? WTF? What kind of retarded reason is that??? Isn't the brick normally hidden behind the tv?? God, you're an idiot...

juuken3789d ago are a dumbass moron. You want to call ME an idiot when I just pointed out the fact that a console like the 360 should NOT have a powerbrick attached to it? How is it that the PS3 doesn't have some huge ass thing attached to it?

My brother has a 360 and I've seen the size of that powerbrick thing attached to the system.

Again...WHICH CONSOLE HAS SOMETHING LIKE THAT? Especially when technology these days are getting more and more advanced?

And karl, no one knows the true failure rate behind the 360. We may never know. What matters is that IT STILL FAILS ON PEOPLE.

I will wait until Microsoft comes up with the 720 and it's much reliable.

For now, my PS3 and my upcoming Wii will receive the most playtime.

ambientFLIER3789d ago

Maybe because the PS3 is physically bigger than the 360, which means it has more room for the brick to be stored internally. Duuurrr...are you getting it so far?

I'd rather have a slimmer console that hides its power supply behind the furniture than a larger one.

God, what a stupid complaint.

juuken3789d ago

I would rather have a system up front with no huge ass powerbrick in the back to take up space than to have one that does. Things like that would most likely cause a fire hazard.


karlostomy3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

You just don't get Probability do you?
Didn't you study that in College?
How on Earth did they let you out of college without some basic knowledge of Probability?
....I guess some people get it and others don't.

NOW LISTEN, Princess:
Even if the RROD was 50% (yes, 50%)..... the probability of getting TEN RRODS IN a ROW is EXTREMELY small.

0.5^10= 0.0009765

The odds are just blatantly against that happening!

Hence the article is just FUD.

Try to think a little, ok?

juuken3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Karl, if I ever met you in real life, I would shove a foot up your ass so far that you wouldn't be able to walk for days.

Take your probability bullsh*t and show it to the people who spent hundreds of dollars on games and accessories and on top of that lost their console to RROD. You still fail to comprehend that the 360 STILL has issues with the RROD, disk scratching, disk eating, and melting the freakin' disk into the system!

Even if a few people aren't having problems now, I would hate to see what will happen when they do have problems and the warranty runs out *this* November. What will Microsoft do then, extend it for another three years?

They need to actively FIX THE PROBLEM!

I'm sure they'll take your statistics with open arms and agree that it's alllll a misunderstanding.

You f*cking moron. -___-

karlostomy3788d ago

Not only do you behave like a spoilt child, that didn't comprehend my reasoning, but you also completely ignored the fact that I acknowledge the 360 has had a big RROD problem.

I mean I cannot get any clearer than that, can I?

The issue is NOT that the RROD doesn't exist!
We ALL know it exists, silly girl!

My point was that the chances of anyone getting 10-in-a-row are STUPIDLY SMALL!

But you still don't get it do you?

Oh, and by the way, can you stop adding 3 disagrees to every comment I make, with your multiple accounts, you psycho Stalker-Princess?

I was happy to humour you at first, but you're just wacko!

M3 Superhero3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )


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dale13791d ago

we will be hearing a lot more on this when the 3 year warranty expires,when it cost you nothink no one complains but when you have to pay,exspect the internet to light up once more

Marcello3791d ago

XBox360 was released Nov 2005 and so Nov 2008 is now only a month away, althou i doubt we will hear that much straight away as most 360`s that were built in the the first year are long dead & refurbished.

I think Peter Moore knew this was coming too and thats why he jumped ship when he did.

bouncybullet3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Its from the date of purchase ballbags.

not release.

AND if you get a replacement, its another 3 years.

I'm covered until 2011.

I don't care if it dies every other month.

I'll get a brand new one. For free.

Dyingduck3790d ago



HAHAHA you're SCREWED!!!!!

zimbo0073791d ago

and some people are still buying x360s?

rebirthofcaos3791d ago

do people have brain? I mean having the same product die on me 10 that only proves that microsoft is just a piece of crap company,like it or not. And just a stupid should buy the same product 5 times or change it 10 times if it is going to die.

And please dont disagree I have the reason.

Panthers3790d ago

Exactly. Most rational people would not try again after 1 failure, but 10? Wow.

Will_Smith3790d ago

read my comment above, why does MS get away with it if others like Samsung, Sony, Phillips, Apple, and most would get slaughtered by consumers if this happened to them

juuken3790d ago

Because Microsoft has a habit of getting away with *everything*. They get away with ripping off consumers, and creating monopolies. They're not the only American company who gets away with things like this.

GameDev3790d ago

that just sits in a corner now, TRADED all but 2 games in(those will go soon too) and never even called 1-800-URASUCKER to get it fixed. I make PLENTY of money, have two PS3's and this is the LAST microsoft product I will ever buy again.

darthv723790d ago

What is the mfg date on the back of your unit? Since you dont want to send it in for free replacement (if it is a real RROD issue) then how about giving it to me.

Unless yours is modded or does not really have the RROD then you got nothing to lose by sending it in for repairs. I'll be happy to do it for you.

3790d ago
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