Top 6 IPs Sega Should Revive

TechRaptor takes a look at Sega's history and suggest the top6 IPs they should revive in their planned Road to 2020!

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2487d ago
phoenixwing2487d ago

no mention of skies of arcadia? List is dumb
The world they created for that game has so much potential

TechRaptor2487d ago

It got a short mention at the end - one of the rules I set for myself there was it had to have more then one game in the series.

phoenixwing2487d ago

ah ok. I just skimmed through the numbers but you still got a click from me anyway.

jivah2487d ago

Top ips they should.... proceeds to only list series? So is it ips or series? Pick one. I say you stick to your title or change it. Since its a bit ya know.. misleading

AnubisG2487d ago

Golden Axe if done right would be great. Streets of Rage could be cool too. It's been a longe time since we got a good beat em up.

InMyOpinion2487d ago

This! I had high hopes for Mother Russia Bleeds but it turned out to be pretty crappy. Imagine a Golden Axe or Streets of Rage games with some rpg elements thrown in and an open world to explore. Could be great!

Soy2487d ago

Phantasy Star. Not Online - just pure Phantasy Star.

goken2487d ago

oh ya. the online stuff has nothing to do with it.

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