Game Reviews - The Day That Fun Died

lazygamer writes, "As videogamers, we all know the joys that can be had from a great session with our favorite console, PC or handheld system. In a nutshell, we love it because it's fun and challenging.

The issue that we all face is that with game prices being what they are, not everyone can afford to splash out on every game that interests them and in many cases, gamers and consumers in general are left to the opinions and impressions of a game reviewer to let them know whether or not a title will be worth their hard earned money."

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Diamondwolf3789d ago

"If you ride a rollercoaster everyday the novelty will soon wear off and the ride will no longer thrill you. Put someone on that rollercoaster for the first time and his eyes will light up and his heart will race. We need to realise that we have to do all that we can to keep that light in our eyes burning brightly, or the entire concept of gaming will soon disappear to us.

If reviewers no longer feel the excitement of gaming the same way that they used to when they were young, then we can only assume that hardcore gamers are no longer the right people for the job."

I agree with this article 100%, "gamers" have lost touch on what makes games fun and are a lot deeper involved than they should be by trying to provide free marketing for a specific console or worried about game sales, or is too busy defending their purchases.

I think as involved as we need to get is provide feedback, and for god sake, come up with our own opinions. I don't think I've ever been this involved in trying to look for reviews on a game before I bought it. I remember a day when we would rent it and come up with our own opinions. We didn't like the game, we took it back to Blockbuster, we likes it, we bought it, end of story. Johnny Website didn't make us buy a game or not, but it does for nearly all "gamers" this generation.

nieto23789d ago

the article used Star Wars TFU as their only example and said that most people he has been talking all of them say that the game's fun... in my opinion SW TFU deserves all the 7.0's that it's getting.

the game, at least the PS3 version has a lot of tear screen and frame rate drops that ruins the gameplay, the AI of the enemies is pretty crappy, the controls are a mess. it uses every button that the controller has and they all are mapped so wrong. the targeting system it's crazy, you have no control over it. the boss battles are stupid, the camera goes way behind and the characters looks very tiny. the story doesn't make sense. how is that the padawan of Darth Vader can beat him and beat Dark Sith too? then what's is the point of the story of Skywalker? and the purpose of the rebellion? all of that war could had ended there.

all the plot was hanging on a very thin line. the twist was as stupid as when the mother of Leia died. why she died? because she lost the will to live? she has two kids and she's going to abandon them? what's with Lucas and all this crappiness?

Star Wars the force unleashed it's a fair 7.0 in my opinon. if you're a SW greek then you're going to like it anyway.

Conan9973789d ago

I completely agree. On top of all that, I beat the game in 6 and a half hours the first time I went through, way too short of a game. And the button sequences are lame. Did you ever miss one and the two characters battle just loop over and over again? Its lame how they did that.

Shortstop3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I really think it's more of an issue of growing up. When you're young, like 12 and under, you just play the games and enjoy them. You're not thinking about "well the graphics could be better" or "this background music is great!" You're just in the experience.

Now that we're older gamers, just by being older we've got a naturally more complex requirement for entertainment. I mean, Mario 3 was great back in the day. But back then when you played games, you used to just become completely immersed, because you really have no real concerns when you're just a kid. Now you've got bills to pay and time to manage.

I think reviews are necessary ultimately because I can't buy every game like the guy said in the article. You've got to take the good with the bad, things change over time, and yes that includes yourself!

mirroredderorrim3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

This article hits home for me.

I have stated that the next gen of console gaming will be my last.
Microsoft, the company I have the most distaste for, has single handedly hollywoodized gaming.

Everything is big and idiotic now. People can't even take risks anymore when developing a game, because it costs too f**ing much.

The industry is changing, and when more fools who don't get sex from real females and only play video games are fed the same sh*t via the media THROUGH IN-GAME advertisements.. you can't seem to escape it.

The video game industry is on it's way to growing into a money hungry, sex filled, advertisement monster.

Where did we go wrong?

troll3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

We grew up and the business grew stale.

When something is new and can't be defined by a norm that's were creativity is born.

edit: Actually I don't think the game industry is in such a big mess, even if it looks bleak sometimes, rather the gaming journalism. I don't think it has developed on pare (spelling?) with the industry.

IdleLeeSiuLung3789d ago

Maybe we should get twelve year olds to review the games. It sounds like the author of the article wants to redefine the scoring system to cather to fun. How do one define fun? He is pointing to a problem, but not really pushing a solution....

Drano3789d ago

... but he surely asked us all a very good question.

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