Star Ocean: The First Departure releasing 24th October in Europe

European PlayStation Portable gamers will be excited to know that Star Ocean: The First Departure is set to be released on 24th October 2008. American PSP owners will have the option of buying the game 3 days earlier (NA Release - 21st October 2008). (Follow link to view 10 screenshots)

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Veryangry_bot4490d ago

And also Kingdom hearts PSP,
Resistance PSP, Valhalla Knights 2, and a few others.

Maybe FF Dissidia.
Any more good PSP games coming soon?

juuken4490d ago

I'd be more excited if a Star Ocean game was released on the PS3 but I'll be picking up this PSP version when I finally get a PSP.

4490d ago
Lucreto4490d ago

Looking forward to this considering I can't play the forth one.

Allowen4490d ago

It will be bad if they tease us with the Star ocean 1&2 for the PSP and then dont make the SO4 to also coem to PS3 instead just the Xbox360.