New Dark Souls Statuette of ‘Oscar, Knight of Astora’ from GECCO

Figure-makers Gecco, renowned for their intricate craftsmanship have revealed their next high-quality statuette from the Dark Souls series, this time featuring Oscar of Astora and adorable Crystal Geckos.

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nitus10416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

The one shown (Blue Gecko/lizard) first made its appearance in Dark Souls 2. In the original Dark Souls you had a sort of greenish crystal Gecko/lizard. In Demons Souls you had a silver crystal lizard.

BTW. The Red Gecko/lizard (DS2) was a trap so if you attacked it exploded dealing damage. It was so much safer to hit it with an arrow and let it scurry away.

No matter when you saw one you had to be quick to kill it for it's titanite otherwise you had to repeat that area and hope you can catch it before it disappears.

In Bloodborne, you had the equivalent called the "Wandering Madness" from which you could get blood stone and if you weren't careful some of them may attack you although most will run away and disappear.

ravinash415d ago

Being a reptile keeper, I hated having to kill the crystal lizards... they were so cute.