Could This Be The Last Stop To Silent Hill?

Thatgamingsite writes:

Ever since Konami released all four Silent Hill games including Origins they turned out to be the same, nothing new same town same combat, Storyline and also the same creatures.

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TrevorPhillips3787d ago

I found all the series the same to be honest yes the game was scary in the dark hehe. but seriously guys don't u think the combat, town etc where the same. they should of worked on 5 more and usa should of taken over there not good

Genesis53787d ago

I don't know. I'm playing it and I like it. I just like to go to Silent Hill every couple of years I guess.

JsonHenry3787d ago

I am playing it and I think it is fantastic. Still creepy, still dark, still have good atmosphere and GREAT sound effects.

The combat is a little on the easy side. But when facing more than one enemy it is still intense because you really don't want to die.

What are these people wanting in the reviews? IT IS A SILENT HILL GAME. There is nothing wrong with this game. If you liked any of the other Silent Hill games you will like this one as well.

Conan9973787d ago

I gave up after playing 4. they took a new direction and it was so horrible, it seemed like they took the horror out too. i dont know how they ruined such a great franchised with The Room

Frnicatr3787d ago

I thought Silent Hill 4 The Room was the best one. Silent Hill 3 was the one that ruined it for me. I did not like that one. I still gotta play Homecoming. I only play this game with my girlfriend. ;) She's the bigger fan.

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TrevorPhillips3787d ago

yea but once you play the other series bro ull get bored because ur basically in the same town and most of the areas are blocked

DOOMZ3787d ago

Reviewers can suck it!

TrevorPhillips3787d ago

well ign are good at rating and they played the game, the game hasn't improved much man

LightningPS33787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

The graphics are nothing special for this gen. And the monsters and characters are a little cliche. You can tell that the game was made by a different team and they often try to bank off familiar music and fog that seems to more imitate classic Silent Hill rather than be Silent Hill.

That being said, it does have some classic Silent Hill feel to it and it's not a bad game. Reviews are around c+/B-, I get the feeling hype and sales are not the strongest.

I still say only Silent Hill 1 and 2 were actually true Silent Hill. They were more like cult favorites than big hit sellers.

If they did retire the franchise, it wouldn't be a crime. I think the franchise has fallen well away from the original tree.

joemayo763787d ago

kinda agree with u lightning (+ bubbles) except with, "banking off familiar music"??? Well it is the same composer as all the other silent hills so why shouldn't it have that same sound.(I honestly think the music and sfx are prob the only things that have stayed at a consistently exceptional level in the series)

What i'm not diggin are the controls, they're a little too loose now almost as if it were to be played like an action-intense adventure game. (and wuts up with the no more 360 turn ???)

As for the fact of having to be in the same town, it IS called Silent Hill. I kinda like the fact that you can now familiarize yourself around town, like you would if u visited a city numerous times, although yes it does kinda get repetitive cuz i think they made the initial town a little too small. As for all games being in the same environment, well 4 isn't in silent hill, and so far 5 aint in silent hill (no spoilers plz :))

Although it is quite apparent that the silent hill franchise has somewhat stumbled, you can do far worse in game selection (Obscure anyone??)

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