10 Video Games To Play If You Love Game Of Thrones

What Culture

Whether it’s in the form of an RPG, a strategy game, tactical RPG, or an interactive drama, these video games can offer a fantastic way to see you through many long nights and get you personally invested in its characters and story, possibly even more so than a TV box set.

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SickSinceSix2100d ago

If Musical Chairs isn't on this list, I'm going to be disappointed.

LordoftheCritics2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

The Suikoden Series
XCOM Series
Game of Thrones Telltale
Total War: Warhammer
Dragon Age Inquisition
Witcher 3

Should save you 10 pages of clicking. Whatculture just doesn't learn.

Sam Fisher2100d ago

Xcom? I love the game but why?, it has nothing to do with got

Xristo2100d ago

Only resemblance I can see is getting attached to a character and watching them die. XCOM has no problem killing off your favorite marine.

Lord_Sloth2099d ago

The article sites the relentless alien invasion and likens it to the White Walkers.

harambe_come_back2100d ago

They didn't list any of the Fire Emblem games? A series that's literally about Fantasy, Politics, War and Character development? Hmm.