Assassin's Creed: Origins has forgotten what it means to be an assassin

Upon release, Assassin’s Creed - as the name suggests - was a game about quietly murdering folk. It was born from a Prince of Persia prototype, the vestigial remnants of which remain in its parkour-based movement system, but was expanded to become a new game that focused on social stealth and silently shanking people in the Middle-East. You were a hooded blade in the crowd.

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PhoenixUp2513d ago

Has it forgotten what it means to have a creed?

Zerii2513d ago

Something i noticed as well ! I think this franchise could have an entire different name to be honest !! Basically the only thing that makes this Assassin's Creed is

- Creed is mentioned
- Artifacts like Apple are on it
- Costume with a hoodie in the character

The rest has been completely changed

_-EDMIX-_2513d ago

Thats crazy, when did you beat this game?


SuperRaccoon2512d ago

"I think this franchise..."

Zerii2512d ago

It's just sharing my thought, not an actual review of the game ! from the past ones i played, i haven't felt that is Assassin's Creed, still it's nothing more than my thought ! Maybe for u it is, maybe even it is Assassin's Creed, i don't know... even Black Flag, that i loved it, could be like The Infamous Pirate, Edward Kenway instead of Assassin's creed title, ... just a thought tho

showtimefolks2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Is there something wrong that I have zero excitement for this game

Just looks bland and boring so far what they have shown

Dark_Knightmare22513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Bland and boring are two things I would not call this game

Bigpappy2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

I think that's because it they keep talking about it and showing it like it is an X1X exclusive. They keep showing and talking about Dynamic 4K (Mostly 4K), very fast load times, HDR, Draw distance... things that most of you will never get to appreciate, so these things do nothing to excite you.

This game will have more variety than any AC ever made. It will include things like Dungeons, arena battles, animal taming, underwater exploration and many other things not done in a creed game before.

The games gives you freedom to play the way you choose. You can be as stealthy as you want to or just fight your way to the target. That was the same for Splinter Cell. It allows for more people to enjoy the game play.

Yui_Suzumiya2513d ago

I'm with you .. then again, the only Assassin's Creed game I found interesting was Syndicate.

showtimefolks2513d ago


i think the open world desert area kinds of feel bland and boring but i am sure UBI are trying top hold most things under wrap till release(which i got no problem with) but i wish they would show some more interesting stuff without focusing everything on graphics

i think most people are excited because it's the same developers who did blackflag but than again this game is nothing like blackflag

-Foxtrot2513d ago

Not really. They've burnt us out and even though it looks impressive I'm not getting an AC feel from it.

Like we've been going on about China/Japan for ages and they do this...

I think this should have been a reboot and with them starting at the beginning of the Creed this should have shaped things differently from the whole Juno/Modern day ass of a plot in the recent games. Wiped the slate clean.

showtimefolks2513d ago


i am sure UBI had a planned trilogy originally but with the success of the games they kind of lost track on what was actually going on. I hope the days of yearly AC sequels are gone

showtimefolks2513d ago


users like you are the problem with gaming today and are the reason publishers can get away with half baked games. you are so excited about 4k,hdr etc but if the gameplay and story isn't good will you be enjoying that 4k and hdr?

some of you xbox fans(i am not even gonna call you any names like fanboy) need to wake up and realize gaming is much more than just the graphics. just in one day sega has announced multiple yakuza games for ps4 so will you be playing them in hdr,4k etc,? that is the main reason ps4 gets so much support because gamers support diversity instead of 3 of the same Ip's for over a decade

that is the main reason xbox brand is at it's weakest since original xbox and has undo all teh hard work ms laid with xbox360

unless we as gamers demand more these publishers will divide and rule and will try to nickle and dime us at every turn. whether you are a xbox gamer, ps, nintendo or pc we are all gamers in the end no matter the platform of choice. but why is it that for me to feel good about my brand loyalty i have to disrespect other gamers opinion if they prefer something different

season passes
micro transactions
unfinsihed games
games getting huge day one patches

these are now normal practices in gaming business just because we refuse to show unity and stand against some of these practices

there isn't a platform where we can ave a mature gaming conversation without it turning into my machine or games are better than yours

Chevalier2512d ago

Agreed its the same flip flopping as ever. Remember when the graphics wasn't the issue the games were just good or bad because of merit? Now that graphics matter again, oh our version is 'better'! Really? Resolution did NOTHING mechanically to make it play 'better'. Other than resolution what else is being mentioned? Nothing, 4K and HDR matter more than the games played. Lol. I would rather have my lower res game like TLOU2 over any 3rd party game any day.

Seraphim2512d ago

there is definitely something wrong here. I've been a HUGE AC since before the original released. Origins has never really caught my attention. Granted it's another AC, the setting is neat, etc, but overall, even after a year off I don't have any excitement for this game though I will undoubtably play and enjoy it.

Antifan2512d ago

AC games in general are bland and boring.

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bluefox7552513d ago

It's the Fast and Furious of the gaming industry.

mezati992513d ago

people just don't know what the fuck they want

all you did for the last 5 years is whine how AC games are all the same, you wanted change? well guess what, YOU FUCKING HAVE IT


Usperg2512d ago

They're called "MILLENNIAL KIDS"

phoenixwing2512d ago

I agree mezati and I for one am pleased with the changes. I love RPG games and having levels and stuff like that of characters is right at home with me.