Mirror's Edge will it live up to the hype?

Sarah writes- This week we get in a heated debate about the 360 and it's fall update vs Playstation Home,plus would it benefit Sony to charge 20$ a year so they have more resources to ''bribe'' developers to add more features to be equal to the 360.

Also in this weeks show-

-Mirror's Edge will it live up to the hype

-MAG pay-to-play on PS3

-This weeks winner for the Resistance 2 beta

-And much much more

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TrevorPhillips3788d ago

im thinkin it will depends if they release tons of downloadble contents and if it has multiplayer or co-op

tangerine3788d ago

It will be multi platform sh1t.

ThatCanadianGuy3788d ago

Wow..i totally forgot about this game..

Veronica Belmont3788d ago

I dont think its really had all that much hype, it looks clean and smooth to me, could be pretty good so I think it will live up to its "hype".

waznotwaz3788d ago

This game does look stunning,but I haven't read too much about its game play,so I'm hoping there is a demo.Unfortunately,even if it plays well as a demo I'll still be unsure about this games replayability.Because there are other great games coming soon for the ps3,I'm going to wait for all the reviews.If it scores well I,ll give it a try,as it is something new and looks good fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.