Sony's Adult-Video Decision Stands Up

Some tech urban legends are hard to dispel. Years ago, it was thought the lack of support from adult-entertainment content producers toward Betamax was the reason why Sony (SNE - commentary - Cramer's Take - Rating) lost the video format wars in the 1980s.

It's true that Sony didn't work with adult content producers, and the Betamax standard certainly was wiped out by VHS. But that's doesn't necessarily cement a cause-and-effect relationship.

However, a similar causation theory has been recently making the rounds that the adult-film industry will drive the next-generation DVD battle between the Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats. And the idea has seemed to gain some credibility because of Sony's refusal to work with the adult entertainment industry.

So does that mean the Sony-backed Blu-ray standard will go the way of Betamax?

Not likely. This time around, Sony could be making the right moves.

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marionz5214d ago

lol kinda funny everytime i see somthing bout porn posted its usually from you :p ...not verry interesting but still funny

LiamFly5214d ago

I Respect them for not working with the adult entertainment industry.

MicroGamer5213d ago (Edited 5213d ago )

is also going to be released on HD-DVD at the same time according to this.

Looks like Blu Ray has yet to find an exclusive provider of adult content while HD DVD has at least 3, with the biggest provider of adult content using both formats.