Who Are Japan's Biggest DS Users?

Go on. Guess. The elderly? WRONG. Teenage girls? WRONG. Japan's biggest users of the DS are (according to this Nintendo-supplied chart, anyways) the same who were the biggest users of the GBA, and the Game Boy before that: boys. Specifically, 10-12 year-old boys.

After that, though, it gets interesting. The most dominant demographics after the boys are women in their early 30s, followed by 10-12 year-old girls, followed by men in their early 30s. Not teens, not twenty-somethings, but people in their early 30s. Anyone in charge of putting the questions together for their Friday night pub trivia competition, these ones are on the house.

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THWIP3789d ago

...girls and faqs, mainly. :o

commando343788d ago

I just wasted 20 seconds of my life...everyone knew that just by common knowledge and it wasn't a shock in the lest bit.

puki3788d ago

boys 10-12, good, I was thinking of getting a couple of em for my nephews for Christmas, thought it might be to childish for em. Preload em with 80 games so they never have buy any games:)

deeznuts3788d ago

Sumo Wrestlers? That would be my first guess.

fear883787d ago

I know of one way to meet little boys. /sarcasm