The 5 Remaining Exclusives Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2017

With a few months to go in 2017, the Nintendo Switch still has a few major exclusive releases set to release before the year's end.

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PhoenixUp2514d ago

I'm still surprised Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is coming out so soon

-GreenRanger2514d ago

The Switch has an amazing lineup for just the first year. Wait until year 2.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2513d ago

it been in development since late 2014-early 2015 before Xenoblade Chronicles X released in Japan.

Monolith Soft said it base off the same engine and started before it went gold. So that is why it coming this year and that the development was a lot easier for them and having no online multiple as speed up the process.

It's not surprising.

Prince_TFK2513d ago

Xenoblade 2 and Mario O are the two games that I will buy day one. So hyped about those two. Next year it gonna be even crazier with the potential release of Smash Bros, Pokemon RPG, Tales of, Monster Hunter, Metriod, and Animal Crossing.

GameBoyColor2513d ago

Don't forget smtv and fire emblem, the first console games for both those series in years.

Takwin2511d ago

I am 99% sure Xeno 2 will be delayed to around March. March and April are great times for releases. People have beaten their xmas games, it's still months from the Aug-Nov deluge, and you have more time.

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FallenAngel19842513d ago

Switch can only rely on exclusives for the rest of this year

wonderfulmonkeyman2513d ago

Unless you like indies, in which case there's plenty to love.
I'd vouch for the neo-geo stuff too, if you're a classics-lover.

GameBoyColor2513d ago

it's better than not having any exclusives. Feel bad for the xbox fans.

Yohshida2513d ago

you take 5 remaining games over all multiplats plus Forza 7, Cuphead, PUBG, Lucky and Path of Exile?
Guess some ppl just dont like gaming

81BX2513d ago

Yeah we know buddy. Everyone is a pc gamer all of a sudden

GameBoyColor2513d ago

Lol I've been a pc gamer for quite some time now actually 81BX. I've been commenting on pc news all the time although the people on this site never really clicks on those articles anyway.

But because ya'll like to be sarcastic and think guys like me are just full of it, here's proof: http://imgur.com/a/x7uLC

_-EDMIX-_2513d ago

@GameBoy- Well....better is subjective, but you make a solid point.

@VideoGame- You also make a great point about XONE getting all multiplats. Both are important. I'd argue getting all major 3rd party support might be even more important then exclusives when you factor how much they sell.

To Gameboy's point, if you own a PC.....getting a XONE is just irrelevant. His point of view is very valid and makes complete sense. He is getting all of MS published games (in terms of ablity to buy and play) and all 3rd party games. So his combo of PC and Switch makes a lot of sense.

That isn't to say your point is invalid either because if you need 1 platform between Switch and XONE, XONE actually makes more sense. You are factually getting more content.

Doesn't need to be an either or, you both make valid points based on your perspectives.

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Prince_TFK2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Well they do have Fifa, NBA, WWE 2K18, Skyrim, Minecraft Story Mode, Dragon Balls Xenoverse, One Piece UWR, Rime, and many other indies titles (including my personal favorite Stardew Valley). So we can't say they can only rely on exclusive.

_-EDMIX-_2513d ago

You mean until Switch 2?

What else would really be pushing Switch sales besides Nintendo published games? Historically, those games have sold Nintendo systems more then 3rd party, well since N64 days anyway. Nintendo knows that their Switch sales are reliant on their first party, trust me....they can't possibly not know that. They know those figures more then you and I. With their 3DS teams moving to Switch (hopefully), they have enough to keep selling to their core base.

Cyro2513d ago

Fine with me. Same reason I got a PS4, for the exclusives.

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shuvam092513d ago

I never thought this would happen, but Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is my most awaited out of that list...
Its such a pleasant surprise...

_-EDMIX-_2513d ago

Well Ubisoft has some solid teams and the concept makes a lot of sense. I'd say I'm more excited for that game then Mario Odyssey, but I tend to like RPGs more anyway.

EddieNX 2513d ago

I'm inundated with stuff to play on my Switch, I feel like i'm rushing through games before the next. Need to beat Sonic Mania before Kingdom Battle !!!

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